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Spring Symposium 2011 - Session Recordings


CU Online’s 10th Annual Spring Symposium - Session Recordings 


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Keynote Address:

Transmedia Storytelling: Group Think Teaching in a Networked World - View this session
by Brad King (

Brad is an assistant professor of journalism at Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana, where his research examines how emerging technologies are changing the ways we tell--and share--stories. 

A journalist since 1994, King earned his Master's from the University of California at Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism in 2000. He went to work for Condé Nast's Wired magazine and its sister website Wired News covering the convergence of technology and culture. In 2002, he co-authored Dungeons and Dreamers, a book on the history of computer games, virtual worlds and their effects on American culture for McGraw-Hill. In 2004 he worked as a senior editor and producer for MIT's Technology Review.  He's currently on the advisory boards for South by Southwest Interactive ( and Carnegie Mellon's ETC Press (


Concurrent Sessions:

The Future of the Textbook - View this session
Dump the backpack full of books and pick up a laptop, an iPad or even your mobile phone. Those hefty tomes of college learning are on the way out and a new generation of multimedia digital texts is on the way in. This panel brings together representatives from several academic publishers with faculty exploring the frontiers of textbooks and publisher resources.  Find out how electronic texts, multimedia learning modules, and print on demand are changing the textbook landscape.

Michael Zinser, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Carter Alligood, McGraw Hill
Ryan Hale, Pearson eCollege


Serious Work in Virtual Worlds - View this session
The College of Nursing is exploring the use of Second Life ( as a tool to simulate real-world learning experiences. This live demonstration will show how students participate in a 3D virtual world on their computer to practice and learn, safe from failure and without jeopardizing patient safety.

Leeann Fields, College of Nursing


Surviving a Course Audit - View this session
Over three dozen UCD faculty have participated in a CU Online sponsored external review of their online courses. Each participant was challenged to take comments and suggestions from the reviews and make updates to their courses. Come hear what some of the audit participants learned from the experience and pick up tips to improve your courses. 

Kathleen Beatty, School of Public Affairs
Betty Conner, Business School
Phil Gallegos, College of Architecture and Planning
Kathy Pounders, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Caron Westland, School of Education and Human Development


How to Know Everything - View this session
Ever meet someone that seems to know everything, is up to date on what’s new and can rattle off the latest and greatest in technology? How do they do it? Research starts in the library. But in the web-connected world, it doesn't end there. Learn the secrets of finding answers to anything, online.

Michael Edwards, Academic Technology and Extended Learning


Things I have learned in my online course so far - View this session
A few years ago, renowned graphic designer and typographer Stefan Sagmeister shared his list of 20 things he had learned in his life so far, such as “helping other people helps me,” “Assuming is stifling” and “Having guts always works out for me.”  Stefan’s list inspired us to create a list of things we have learned in our online courses so far.  During this session, we will share our top 10 lessons learned with examples from our online courses.  We will then involve the audience in guided brainstorming to determine 10 additional lessons learned that should be included in the list.

Joni Dunlap, School of Education and Human Development
Storm Gloor, College of Arts and Media
Patrick Lowenthal, Academic Technology and Extended Learning
Ellen Stevens, School of Education and Human Development
Brian Yuhnke, Academic Technology and Extended Learning


Our Life with Robots - View this session
This year something marvelous happened—a computer program bested the best in a round of the quiz game Jeopardy. While we were busily surfing the web and playing Angry Birds on our iPhones, computers have reached a science fiction-level of sophistication. Before we know it, computers may replace the teachers. Today teachers can stick their head in the sand and hope for the best. Or they can accept the challenge to become cybernetic professor—taking charge of the robots and managing the classroom of tomorrow.

David Thomas, Academic Technology and Extended Learning


The Blastoff Report - Top Technologies to Watch - View this session
A symposium favorite! What's new in technology? What's hot? What's not? This lively presentation never fails to point toward the potentials for online technology.

Brian Yuhnke, Academic Technology and Extended Learning


Learning Analytics - View this session
Life in the digital age swims in data. But how can we make use of data to improve learning? Take advantage of easy to use, free web tools to collect and analyze data in your course. Learn how to take the pulse of your teaching and student performance, and make adjustments during the term.

Patrick Lowenthal, Academic Technology and Extended Learning


Preconference sessions:

Blackboard 9 Preview: What's new in Bb9? - View this session
This fall CU Online will upgrade our Blackboard system from version 8 to version 9.
Whether you're new to Blackboard or a seasoned veteran, Blackboard 9 brings us changes and improvements that are worth exploring. This workshop will provide you with an overview of what's new, what's changed, and what's been cut in Blackboard 9.  We'll take a look at the new interface, find out how to utilize the new Blog and Wiki tools, and go on a tour of various improvements to Blackboard.

Michael Edwards, Academic Technology & Extended Learning


The Future of eCollege - View this session
Did you know that eCollege has been rebranded Pearson Learning Studio? That’s only the tip of the iceberg of changes coming to the platform.
Meet with the people behind the product. Find out about exciting future functionality. Ask questions and make suggestions! This popular, meet the product managers session returns to the symposium in an interactive pre-conference session.

Clay Tidwell, Pearson eCollege

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