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2012 CU Online Spring Symposium 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

8:00AM - 3:30PM

Tivoli Student Union ​

Theme: Tune up!  Make your online teaching sing.

Does your online course have a beat? Can you dance to it?

CU Online’s Spring Symposium returns this year, and that’s music to your ears. Included are exciting presentations, fun giveaways and practical tools you can use to make your online courses sing.

Don’t miss out! Join us for what is sure to be spring’s most jumping and jiving event.

All CU Denver Faculty are invited to attend. Non-CU Denver Faculty will be asked to pay a $25 registration fee.​



Download the Keynote PPT slides: UCDKeynote.ppt​


8:00:  Registration Opens

Come join us for continental breakfast, talk with your colleagues and participate in the CU Online sound booth. 

*In addition, a representative from eCollege wil be here to answer your questions.


9:00 – 9:20: Opening Remarks

Bob Tolsma, Academic Technology and Extended Learning


9:20 – 10:30: Keynote Address
Jeff Borden, eCollege


“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For: The Future of the Technology Enabled Classroom” by Dr. Jeff Borden, VP of Instruction & Academic Strategy at eCollege is a consultant, speaker, professor, comedian, and trainer, all while working at Pearson.  As an “Enriched Lecturer” at Chaminade University and past college administrator, Jeff has assisted faculty, administrators, executives, and even politicians in conceptualizing and designing eLearning programs globally.  Recently Jeff testified before the U.S. Congress’ Education Committee, keynoted a 6,000 audience member conference in Asia, presented in the NMC Virtual Symposium for the Future, and has been asked to determine the “Academic Vision” for eCollege where he reports directly to the President.  To read Jeff’s blog or get more information, check out:

As technology informs educational processes for delivery, assessment, content creation, and more, the evolution of that technology is transforming teaching and learning.  But, as we shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, education must filter through the glitz and “shiny objects” to best understand what actually works and what does not.  This presentation will draw on educational best practices from past to present (and even look to the future).  From Bloom to Kolb to Johnson and Johnson, rote memorization to authentic assessment, learning theory to practical application, the World Wide Web has tools that not only help educators promote sound pedagogy, but advance it.  Beyond Web 2.0, Internet based technology can be utilized in various contexts and techniques to encourage learning from all student types.  From simulation to collaborative learning, web based instruction can facilitate learning across generations, gender, and learning preferences. 

Participants will leave this presentation with an extensive list of web resources, most of which are free, that instructors and developers can use in the classroom (on ground or online).  During this session, participants will both see examples of and hear theory specific to practical strategies for both presentation and assessment in the classroom including:

Learning Styles – realistic classroom expectations for brain/learning theory
Generational Learning Theory
Best Practices in Delivery
Authentic Tasks and Assessment Techniques
Technology Infusion – including social networks, communication, interaction, simulations, Web 2.0, Widgets, etc.
Educational Variance
Curriculum Integration

Tivoli Student Union, Turnhalle



10:45 – 11:35: Concurrent Sessions

Session 1: Hot for Teacher: iPad as a Lecture Delivery Tool

With the introduction of iPad2 came the ability to stream the display to an LCD projector over a wireless connection, freeing the lecturer from the icy grip of the lectern. What would a lecture delivered from an iPad look like? In this session we will cover the hardware required to connect, apps that can be used, and the shortcomings of using an iPad in the lecture hall. We'll get you out from behind that stuffy lectern to be better 'admired' by your students...

Mike Pascoe, Senior Instructor
School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy
Tivoli Student Union, Room 320 A


Session 2: All Along the Watch Tower: SafeAssignTM  for Writing Quality

SafeAssign in the Blackboard system is best known for plagiarism prevention.  This feature contributes to building writing quality too. On a good note, an overview of SafeAssign as a learning experience for paper development and writing integrity is a sound strategy.  Let’s harmonize about the curricular theory, the lessons learned, and campus resources for Safe Assign use.

Teresa Sakraida,PhD, RN, Assistant Professor
College of Nursing
Tivoli Student Union, Room 320 B


Session 3:  Another Brick in the Wall: Online Lecture Alternatives

With the popularity of technologies such as Panopto and Adobe Connect, it's easier than ever to record yourself delivering a lecture and providing it online for student review. But is this the best way to do lectures online? Come and learn about alternative strategies for packaging didactic materials and presenting them to your online students.

Michael Edwards, Academic Technology Coordinator
CU Online
Tivoli Student Union, Room 320 C



11:45 – 1:00: Lunch

Join us for lunch as we present our annual CU Online Innovation Award, visit our Sound Booth and award more prizes.

Tivoli Student Union, Turnhalle



1:00 – 1:50: Concurrent Sessions 

Session 1:  All Together Now: Communities

Are you tired of students surfing Facebook while you are lecturing? If you can't beat them, join 'em! This session will provide you with practical tips and new tools for getting social communities started in your classroom. By connecting students, faculty and staff, alumni, researchers and interested community members, you can make your courses sing!

Crystal Gasell, Academic Technology Coordinator
CU Online
Tivoli Student Union, Room 320 A


Session 2: You Say You Want a Revolution: eBook Authoring

ebooks have fragmented the publishing industry like nothing before them.  Do we even need publishers in an ecosystem where basic documents can be converted to ebooks with just a few clicks? What options are available for academics, and how are other institutions taking advantage of this revolutionary development?  Get an introduction to the short history of epublishing and learn some immediate applications as well.  This session is designed to pair a broad overview of the ecosystem with practical applications.

Joseph Sanchez, Academic Support Professional
Auraria Library
Tivoli Student Union, Room 320 B


Session 3: Is Your Daughter Pregnant?: Data Analytics in Higher Education

Life in the information age means we know more, and the more we know about you. Big Brother is watching you, and in many cases, trying to help. This session covers the rise in big data analytics in higher education, describing how  data mining can help with such important issues as student recruitment, retention and success. 

David Thomas, Manager, Academic Technology
CU Online
Tivoli Student Union, Room 320 C



1:50-2:05: Drinks/Dessert – Tivoli Student Union, 320’s reception area



2:05 – 3:30: Wrap up / Closing Session: Blast-off Report: Top Technologies to Watch

A symposium favorite! What's new in technology? What's hot? What's not? This lively presentation never fails to point toward the potentials for online technology.

Bob Tolsma, Academic Technology and Extended Learning
Brian Yuhnke, Instructional Designer
Case Western Reserve University
Tivoli Student Union, Room 320 ABC


Stay to the end, turn in your evaluation, join us for the big prize giveaways and see what comes out of the sound booth!!! 

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