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Adobe Connect Resources

Resources and Job Aids for using Adobe Connect


The ATEL staff has researched and developed some great resources to help you get started working with Connect. Please feel free to Browse the following resources. If you have any questions or would like to schedule one-on-one training contact Crystal Gasell.

Adobe Connect Welcome Guide

ThisConnect+Welcome+Instructions.pdfGuide provides you some basic tips and tricks for using Adobe Connect. It is a good resource to give to students before your scheduled Connect Sessions.

Adobe Connect Pro Overview:

This Overview page gives an overview of various modules within Adobe Connect Pro.

Meeting Quickstart Guide:

The quickstart guide displays short demonstartions on several of pieces of the Connect meeting compnent, which makes it a perfect resource for those just getting started using the Connect meeting component as well as a perfect quick refresher.

Recording and Sharing Online Lectures Using Connect

This is a great tutorial created by the ATEL staff. It provides you with all the steps needed to record a lecture that can be easily linked into your Blackboard or eCollege course. Download

Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro Resource Center

This resource center includes self-paced tutorials, best practices articles, and tips and tricks. Start by choosing from one of the topics from the getting started section or exploring the tabs in the tutorials and articles section.

Editing Recordings Made Within a Connect Meeting Room

You can now do basic editing in Connect of recordings made in your Connect meeting room. The following PDF will guide you through the steps of editing. Download

Save Recordings to your Desktop.

Adobe Connect has features that allow users to save your recordings to your desktop. This is great if you want to archive your recordings, burn them to a CD-Rom or DVD or to edit them in Video software such as Adobe Premiere. The following PDF will guide you through the steps of saving recordings to your desktop. Download

Audio Configuration:

We have seen good audio results when decreasing the silence level in the advanced audio settings and disabling the automatic gain control within Connect meeting. Click the following link to view how to optimize your audio settings.( pdf)

Promoting and demoting "Participants"

Adobe Connect allows meeting hosts to promote and demote users. The linked PDF will help you learn the steps. Download

Choosing your Input and Setting Audio Levels in Connect

These steps can be used to aid you in selecting your microphone and adjusting its levels. It can also aid you in setting up an external device (such as an iPod) Download

This is a great 12 step tutorial to optimizing your audio experience in a live Connect meeting.

Uploading PDFs to Connect

This screencast illustrates how to upload pdfs to Connect. View

Making Connect Recordings Public

This screencast illustrates how to make Connect recordings public. View

Webcam Matrix
Our Webcam Matrix lists various webcams that we have tested along with product specs, campatibility with Adobe Connect, prices and comments. View

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