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Patrick Lowenthal

Recent Publications & Presentations


Defeating the Kobayashi Maru: Supporting Student Retention by Balancing the Needs of the Many and the One
By Joanna C. Dunlap and Patrick R. Lowenthal

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Key Takeaways
  • Online courses and programs don't have to accept the Kobayashi Maru no-win solution by choosing between the needs of the many and the needs of the one.
  • Although participating in a supportive learning community can bolster online student engagement and retention, individualized one-on-one communication strategies also play an important role in an online student retention plan.
  • Low-tech communication strategies, such as the telephone and e-mail, can effectively enhance students' sense of connection with their professors and courses — an important part of the online retention equation.

Death to the Digital Dropbox: Rethinking Student Privacy and Public Performance
By Patrick R. Lowenthal and David Thomas

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Key Takeaways
  • Requiring students to submit work privately using a digital dropbox (or even worse, e-mail) can be a destructive pedagogical practice.
  • Students benefit from public performance and public critique because people have to perform in the "real world" and are regularly subject to critique.
  • Online faculty should strive to incorporate authentic, real-world types of experiences in the online courses they

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