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University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus

University of Colorado Denver Ombuds Office

Ombuds Concerns

When to contact Ombuds

The types of concerns that can be brought to the Ombuds Office include:

  • interpersonal conflicts
  • disagreement over grades
  • working conditions
  • conflict resolution training

More Concerns

"The way you went about
helping me to frame my
discussion to process all the
potentials and options, and
calling resources on my behalf was probably the nicest act and most beneficial outcome of any
services I have ever encountered.
Thank you.
" - Ombuds Office visitor

"...knowing you were there to advocate for fair process was very reassuring." - Ombuds Office visitor

"I used my newly learned conflict skills yesterday in dealing with an enormous problem. I wanted to let you know that it worked wonders, the problem was resolved, I did not have to pull rank on the other person, and most importantly, I did not get the other person upset." - Ombuds Office visitor

"The Ombuds Office has been a safe environment to discuss my grievances and work on conflict resolution skills. This office has helped me to evaluate and consider all the options available to handle the situation and I am comforted knowing that I have exhausted all feasible routes and any decision made is not made in haste." - Ombuds Office visitor

"I was not trained to deal with conflictual problems and this office was effective in helping me manage what could easily have derailed my laboratory for far longer than it did." - Ombuds Office visitor

" Ombuds frequently is in a position to observe systemic problems and provide early warnings. Without breaching confidentiality or disclosing information that could be tracked to a particular inquirer, an Ombuds provides trend reports on the nature and types of issues handled by the Ombuds office and can bring to the attention of senior managers, or even boards areas where some system change may be appropriate. This can be a great benefit to the organization..." - Howard, Charles L. The Organizational Ombudsman. Origins, Roles, and Operations. A Legal Guide. 2010.

"The direct benefit of an Ombuds program does no just accrue to employees. Because Ombuds can have confidential discussion with people throughout the organization, they are ideally situated to know what really is going on in the organization. While they do not reveal the substance of those discussions, an integral part of their work is to identify system issues or trends and to pass along that information to the organization�s management. In this sense, the Ombuds can help their organization make structural or system changes." - Howard, Charles L. The Organizational Ombudsman. Origins, Roles, and Operations. A Legal Guide. 2010.

"An organizational Ombuds program is thus more than just another variation of a hotline approach; it has a much broader focus and more time and tools to bring to bear on people�s concerns � for the benefit of those people as well as for the organization." - Howard, Charles L. The Organizational Ombudsman. Origins, Roles, and Operations. A Legal Guide. 2010.

Ombuds Office

University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus

The Ombuds Office is a resource available to all faculty, students and staff of the University community to provide informal conflict resolution. The Ombuds Office provides a forum for prompt, impartial and confidential discussion for individuals to review options for informal resolutions of differences.  We do not provide legal services or counseling to anyone. 


The primary goal of the Ombudsperson is to ensure that employees and students receive fair and equitable treatment. The Ombuds Office provides confidential and independent services to the University community.


To find out more about our office, please view our

2013 By the Numbers and our Authorization Letter



Contact Us: 


 The Anschutz Medical Campus - 303.724.2950


Denver Campus - 303.315.0046


  • For all Faculty - Peter Bryant: Faculty Ombuds

  • Location: CU Denver Building, Room 100A
  • 303.315.0048


*Please note:  Email may not be appropriate for confidential communications





News from the ombuds office: 


  • Crucial Conversations Schedule through June.  See dates and how to sign up.
  • International Ombudsman conference comes to Denver in April.  Learn more!  
  • SAME cafe.jpeg
    The Ombuds Office staff volunteered at the SAME Cafe in Denver in March







    Office of Professionalism - SOM:

      For issues related to School of Medicine students, residents, fellows and faculty members,  please contact: Barry H. Rumack, M.D. 303.724.7854 barry.rumack@ucdenver. edu

    Human Resources:



    University Counsel:



    Risk Management:


    Who The Ombuds Serves

    The Ombuds Office serves the University of Denver | Anschutz community, including:

    • All Students in any of the school programs
    • All Staff members,
      full or part time
    • All Faculty members,
      all colleges & schools
    • All Administrators,      all colleges & schools
    • Anyone associated with the University community, including parents & alumni 

    Important Links:

    CU EthicsLine

    The CU EthicsLine is available as a way to anonymously report violations of law or serious/recurring violations of policy by calling 1-800-677-5590 or going to the CU EthicsLine website and select "University of Colorado" .

    Sexual Harassment Policy

    The Ombuds Office is one of the few places on either campus where an incident of sexual harassment may be disclosed.  For more information please see the University's Sexual Harassment policy.


    Anti-Violence Policy


    For issues related to uncivil or unprofessional behavior, please see the University's Anti-Violence Policy. 



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