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Ombuds Office - A Designated Confidential Resource

  • Confidential - The Ombuds Office does not reveal the identity of anyone contacting the office, except where consent is given. Exceptions to confidentiality include cases of imminent harm to self or others, and where required by law. The Ombuds Office does not keep any records.
  • Informal - The Ombuds Office operates outside the formal review appeal, or grievance process. The Ombuds Office cannot participate in any formal process, but is able to provide both formal and informal options to visitors.
  • Impartial- The Ombuds Office is impartial and does not take sides when hearing a problem or concern. The Ombuds Office is not a decision-maker and will not adjudicate, testify, or participate in any formal process. The Ombuds Office advocates for fair process.
  • Independent - The Ombuds Office is a separate and distinct university department that reports directly to the Provost. The Ombuds Office is not an office of notice for the University.

The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Ombuds Office adheres to the Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics set forth by the International Ombudsman Association. Additionally, all members of the Ombuds Office are Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioners (CO-OP). To find out more about our certification and professional standards, please visit our professional organization at


The Ombuds Office is not authorized to accept notice of claims against the University.  Discussions with the Ombuds Office does not create a record, nor does it begin a formal process.  The Ombuds Office will keep conversations confidential unless imminent harm or danger is present, or if compelled by a court of law.  Presently, there is no statutory privilege in Colorado for Ombuds regarding confidentiality.
                              Anschutz: 303.724.2950                  Denver: 303.315.0046
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