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Communication Tips and Listening Skills

Ombuds Office

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Communication Tips:

  • Try to keep an open mind 
  • Deal with present behavior
  • Body language is important
  • Use "I" messages
  • Choose words carefully
  • Avoid questions designed to attack
  • Utilize the power of silence and delayed response
  • Be willing to say "You might be right"
  • Avoid interpreting others' motives

Effective Listening Skills:

  • Listen first 
  • Avoid distractions
  • Concentrate on what the other person is saying
  • Look for the underlying feelings in the message
  • Provide feedback to the sender
  • Maintain proper eye contact and body posture
  • Communicate attentiveness by use of eyes - - don't glare
  • Suspend judgment while you are listening
  • Try not to jump to conclusions
  • Repeat your understanding of the feelings and content
  • Be aware of the other person "pushing your buttons"
  • Try not to interrupt or finish sentences for others
The Ombuds Office is not authorized to accept notice of claims against the University.  Discussions with the Ombuds Office does not create a record, nor does it begin a formal process.  The Ombuds Office will keep conversations confidential unless imminent harm or danger is present, or if compelled by a court of law.  Presently, there is no statutory privilege in Colorado for Ombuds regarding confidentiality.
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