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University of Colorado Denver, Office of the Chancellor

Office of Research Services

The CU Denver Office of Research Services (ORS) is the faculty development component of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Creative Work.  ORS provides faculty development resources targeted at enhancing faculty research and creative work (contact Bob Damrauer and/or Michael Jenson).  Housed within ORS is the Office of Research Development and Education (ORDE) whose services focus on supporting faculty success in external funding ( (contact Lynette Michael and/or Naomi Nishi). ORS offers faculty proposal support for sponsored project grant and contract applications (contact Stefan Reiss).


 Research Services at the University of Colorado Denver


 ORS Internal Grant Opportunities

ORS has discretionary funding to encourage and support creative activities on the downtown campus. We are committed to awarding such funds to increase faculty productivity and to enhance CU Denver’s reputation. (See links below)

Both smaller and larger proposals are described in the ORS Funding Announcement pdf below.  Proposals are evaluated by a standing committee that consists of ORS personnel as well as some outsiders, all of whom have broad experience in evaluating proposals, but whose backgrounds vary widely.  It is critical, given these broad backgrounds, that you address your porposal to that group in understandable terms for a lay audience. We will not fund proposals that are not broadly understood.


 Other Funding Needs

Faculty have other funding needs that may not be met by our grant programs (e.g., matching commitments, infrastructural needs (equipment, etc.)). We will try to help meet such needs when (1) a clear connection between a request and the development of your scholarly/creative activities warrants and (2) if ORS can identify funds to help.  Contact Bob Damrauer to arrange a time to meet.2

 Drop-in Meeting Information and Schedule

These meetings to chat about your work and your ideas about how the Office of Research Services can better serve you are scheduled monthly with Bob Damrauer and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Creative Activities Michael Jenson in LSC 300 at noon.

Currently scheduled:

Friday, August 22
Monday, September 15
Tuesday, October 21
Wednesday, November 19
Wednesday, December 17
Friday, January 1

 Individual Meetings

All of us in ORS are happy to meet with you if an individual meeting rather than a drop-in better suits you, just let any of us know to schedule a time to meet.


 Project Development


 ORS Projects Awarded

Small Grants Awarded:
  • Jody Beck, CAP - Landscape Architecture, $2,500 "Pilot Study: Inventory of the Urban Agricultural Potential for the Denver Metropolitan Area"
  • Michelle Carpenter, CAM - Visual Arts, $500 "Driven to Ride"
  • Ryan Crewe, CLAS - History, $1,000 "From the Moluccas to Mexico: Religious Geopolitics and Global Mestizaje in the Transpacific Inquisition Trial of a Moluccan Soldier, 1580-1650"
  • Vinit Desai, BUS, $2,500 "Organizational Recidivism and Forgetting"
  • Andras Lema-Hincapie, CLAS - Modern Languages, $3,000 "Don Quixote in the American West: A Fourth-Centenary Celebration (1615-2015)"
  • Jeremy Nemeth, CAP - Planning and Design, $2,981 "Toward Equitable Recovery: Affordable Housing after the 2013 Colorado Floods"
Large Grants Awarded:
  • Michelle Carpenter, CAM - Visual Arts, $8,000 "What the Doctor Didn't Tell Me..."
  • Carrie Makarewicz / Jeremy Nemeth, CAP - Planning and Design, $12,000 "Income, Community Development, and Trasit Quality in the Denver Region"
  • Indrani Pal, CEAS - Civil Engineering, $10,000 "Global Food-Water System: Mapping the Vulnerability of Major Crop Producers to Climate Shocks"
  • Christopher Phiel, CLAS - Biology, $16,000 "A Novel Role for GSK-3a in the Prevention of Neurodegenerative Disorders"
  • Douglas Shepherd / Raibatak Das, CLAS - Physics / Biology, $12,500 "Multi-scale Measurement and Modeling of Cellular Responses to External Stimuli"

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