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University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus

University of Colorado Denver, Office of the Chancellor

Office of Research Services

Bob's Hopefully Helpful Hints

Important Tip: The most important tip I can give you is that the ORS operation at CU Denver has many resources, both human and financial, to help you in developing your career. Use us! Contact us to arrange a meeting that will help you understand how we can help you.

ORS Internal Grants:
  • Small Grants: Small grants can be submitted at any time and are evaluated every two months (end of May, July, September, November, January, and March).
  • Large Grants: Large grants are evaluated twice yearly with submission dates of June 30 and December 31.
  • New Faculty Grants: Tenure track faculty during their first two years at CU Denver (Downtown) are eligible.  The submission date is February 28.
  • Other funding (travel, publication expenses, etc.) is available as described in the ORS Funding Announcement document.

It needs to be clear that ORS receives internal funding from the CU Denver Downtown budget and only supports scholarly activities carried out as part of the Downtown mission.

Evaluation Information
: Proposals are evaluated by a standing committee that consists of ORS personnel as well as outsiders, all of whom have broad experience in evaluating proposals. Their backgrounds vary widely. It is critical, given such broad backgrounds, that you address your proposal to the standing committee in terms they can understand. We will not fund proposals that are not generally understandable to a lay audience. A few tips follow:
  1. We expect that requests for funding address questions about creative processes, whether they are in the arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences, or engineering. The standing committee wants and needs to understand the nature of the questions you are exploring and seeking to answer in the works you are planning to complete. The statement about research universities at the beginning of the ORS Funding Announcement places this in context.
  2. Requests for travel, publication expenses, etc. without clearly addressing point (1) above will not be funded, not simply because ORS funding is limited, but because the connection between your career advancement and development and what defines the research office mission is a necessary connection that has to be made for funding.
  3. We now require matching funding from your department, college, school, etc. for all types of funding. For the good of the order, it is essential that others besides ORS contribute to the research and creative activities agenda of CU Denver.
  4. It is extremely important for you to be actively engaged in seeking other funding sources for your work. We recognize the difficulty of obtaining funding in certain areas of scholarly/creative endeavor, yet more opportunities may exist than you realize. ORDE, as a part of ORS, is particularly adept at helping you find potential funding sources.
  5. A word on budgets: it is essential when requesting support for students, whether undergraduates, graduates, postdocs, or RAs, that you justify what they are going to be doing AND that you describe your relationship with them as PI. There has been a tendency to just ask for such support without justification. The standing committee justifiably has been questioning these requests and the relationships.

Other Funding: The ORS Office will work with you in evaluating and advising concerning needs you may have for matching funds, equipment, and various infrastructural concerns. Contact Bob Damrauer to discuss.

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