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TL1 (T32) Pre-doctoral Fellowships

Provides support for PhD students electing to complete the requirements of the Clinical Translational Science Certificate. The program is designed to provide integration between current training in molecular, cellular, and/or behavioral science, and whole body physiology and disease processes with clinical experience relevant to your field of study. Candidates will be co-mentored by faculty with basic science and clinical research experience.

Funding Support

  • One year fellowship stipend at the NIH level: $23,376
    (can be supplemented by mentor with non-NIH funds)
  • $2,106 for tuition & fees
  • $1,000 for travel to attend the national CTSA TL1 meeting
  • $4,200 for supplies

Who is eligible?

  • Students in their first, second or third year in a Basic Science, Behavioral Science, Analytical Health Science, Nursing, Clinical Science, or Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD program at CU Denver are eligible.
  • Must be US Citizen or Permanent Resident.
    • Foreign students and those with other support may apply to participate in the program without financial support.
  • Must be a CCTSI member.
  • This program is not designed for individuals who have completed the MD.

Application Instructions

Please create one PDF document for uploading into the online application. Required sections should be in the order listed below. Have all documents ready prior to accessing the online application as you will not be able to save and go back once you have uploaded and submitted your application. 

  • Face Page: Download and complete the facepage and include as the first document in your application pacakge.
  • Biosketch: Include one each for applicant, research mentor and clinical mentor.
  • Proposal: In two pages, briefly describe your planned area of thesis research and its clinical relevance; the clinical experience you and your clinical mentor have agreed upon; and your long term career goals. Use Times New Roman or Arial 12-pt font or larger. Page margins no less than 1 inch on all four sides.
  • Courses: Include all courses completed as a graduate student at CU Denver and grades obtained.
  • Letters of Support: Your complete application must include letters of support from your research mentor, clinical mentor and graduate program director.
  • Please refer to the How to Cite our CCTSI Grant for all publications, patents, or other tangible outcomes from this project during and after project completion.

How to Apply

Submit Application
  • Submit the application online, attach a PDF of your materials.
  • The application attachment is a single PDF document that is comprised of a Face Page, Biosketches, Proposal, Courses, and Letters of Support.

Contact Galit Mankin, MSW, Programs Manager (720-848-6249) with questions about application content and the CCTSI PhD Certificate requirements.

Program Requirements

In addition to completing the requirements of their PhD degree-granting program, CCTSI TL1 trainees must meet three additional criteria:

1. Complete two human disease/systems biology oriented courses

2. Complete translationally-oriented course requirements

3. Clinical experience

1. Complete Two Human Disease/Systems Biology Courses

You must complete two courses from the following list. Selected blocks of the first and second year medical school curriculum can also be used to meet this requirement (Examples: Nervous System Block, Cardio/Respiratory Block, Endo/Metabolism Block). NOTE: Depending on the degree-granting program, some or all of these requirements will overlap with the existing didactic requirements of the degree-granting program or can be used to meet elective requirements of the degree-granting program.

  • Tissue Biology and Disease (IDPT 7646)
  • Cancer Biology (CANB 7600)
  • Fundamentals of Neuroscience (NRSC 7610)
  • Mol. Basis Neuropsychiatric Disease (NRSC 7614)
  • Endocrinology and Metabolism (RPSC 7801)
  • Overview of Immunology (IMMU 7630)
  • Intro to Immunology (IMMU 7662)
  • HistoPhysiology (CANB 7620)
  • Principles of Pharmacology (PHCL 7620)
  • Human Physiology (PHSL 6001)
  • Graduate Survey of Human Genetics (HMGP 7600)
2. Complete Translationally-oriented Course Requirements

You must complete all of the following:

  • Biostatistics (BIOS 6601, 6606, or 6611)
  • Epidemiology (EPID 6630 or EPID 6631) OR
    Clinical Trial Design (BIOS 6648)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research
  • COMIRB training (CITI; online)
  • HIPAA training and certification (online)
  • Clinical Experience (IDPT 8890, 1 credit hour)**
3. Clinical Experience

Each TL1 trainee will identify a clinician mentor (with the help of the CCTSI Clinical Experience Committee) who will develop and direct a clinical experience relevant to the student’s thesis project. This may include participation in clinical conferences, a direct clinical experience in a patient setting, or preparation of a clinical research protocol. The clinical mentor will also be a member of the trainee’s thesis committee and will help them provide reports at their committee meetings. A final report on the clinical experience will be included in the trainee's PhD thesis. **Students register for IDPT 8890 during the semester they will defend their thesis.

TClub - Trainees are expected to participate in a monthly lunch meeting with other program participants. Activities include short career development seminars and research oriented discussions.

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