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Center for Faculty Development



Center for Faculty Development

Center for Faculty Development at the University of Colorado Denver supports faculty in their roles as teachers and in their professional lives as academics.  We provide opportunities for ongoing, intentional renewal of teaching practice and support faculty as they work to build successful academic careers.

Please explore our website, check our program descriptions, schedules, and join us for one of the events or activities we have planned for this academic year.  We would love to see you there! 

New Resources and Programs for Teaching in Tumultuous Times

Students and faculty are confronting significant turmoil around the world and across the nation. Difficult and distressing events far from home and close to it are likely to be on the minds of students and faculty as we begin the new semester. To help you prepare for the challenges you may face in your classroom, the CFD has developed opportunities to help you teach in tumultuous times. 

We will kick off the semester with a special webinar on "Managing Hot Moments and Difficult Discussions in the Classroom." After the webinar there will be ample time for discussion and problem-solving.  You can register to attend the webinar on the pull-down menu below.  

The CFD will also host a series of monthly discussions around the topic of teaching in tumultuous times. We call these discussions Cafe Pedagogique. They are structured as lively, informal, meaningful discussions that take place in a relaxed environment with ample access to caffeinated beverages and snacks.  

We also have compiled a fantastic list of resources that are designed to help you anticipate and respond to difficult discussions in your classroom. Please visit our Teaching in Tumultuous Times resource page. 

We hope that you can join us!


 Upcoming Events


 Books @ Work:"How Learning Works: 7 Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching" Mar 1, 8, 15 & 29

How Learning Works is the perfect title for this excellent book. Drawing upon new research in psychology, education, and cognitive science, the authors have demystified a complex topic into clear explanations of seven powerful learning principles. Full of great ideas and practical suggestions, all based on solid research evidence, this book is essential reading for instructors at all levels who wish to improve their students' learning.

Wednesdays, March 1, 8, 15 & 29

3:30-4:30 pm

Lawrence Street Center, CFD Conference Room 320

If you would like to participate in this book group and would like to zoom into the meeting here is the link:

Zoom Meeting:​​​​




 Books @ Works: "Closing the Opportunity Gap: Identity-Conscious Strategies for Retention and Student Success" Mar 6, 13 & 27

This book offers a novel and proven approach to the retention and 
success of underrepresented students. It advocates a strategic approach through which an institution sets clear goals and metrics and integrates the identity support work of cultural / diversity centers with skill building through cohort activities, enabling students to successfully navigate college, graduate on time and transition to the world of work. Underlying the process is an intersectional and identity-conscious, rather than identity-centered, framework that addresses the complexity of students’ assets and needs as they encounter the unfamiliar terrain of college.​

Mondays, Mar 6, 13, & 27
3:30- 4:30pm
Lawrence Street Center, CFD Conference Room 320

If you would like to participate in this book group and would like to zoom into the meeting here is the link:



 Lunch and Learn: Empowering Students Through Organic Theater April 4

Organic Theater is a process whereby students turn an academic theme or topic into a short skit, translating the topic into their own language and using their own voices and bodies to inject meaning into the topic.  This workshop provides participants with a framework through which to use organic theater in their classroom and to expand their ideas about student assessment and use of arts in higher education. This Lunch & Learn will be facilitated by Dr. James Walsh, Clinical Assistant Professor, Political Science.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Lawrence Street Center, CU Online Conference Room, 1300D

 Books @ Work: "Teaching and Learning Through Inquiry: A Guidebook for Institutions and Instructors" April 4, 11 & 18

Inquiry-guided learning (IGL) refers to an array of classroom practices that promote student learning through guided and, increasingly independent investigation of complex questions and problems. Rather than teaching the results of others’ investigations, which students learn passively, instructors assist students in mastering and learning through the process of active investigation itself. IGL develops critical thinking, independent inquiry, students’ responsibility for their own learning and intellectual growth and maturity. This book documents how one institution developed and implemented IGL from a variety of perspectives.

Tuesdays, April 4, 11 & 18

3:30- 4:30 pm. 

Lawrence Street Center, CFD Conference Room 320

If you would like to participate in this book group and would like to zoom into the meeting here is the link:​


 Thursday Threads: Lessons Learned about Teaching Online April 6

Many of us teach online, and have learned a lot about what to do and what to avoid doing in the process. Let’s share our lessons learned about teaching online.​

Thursday, April 6, 2017
Lawrence Street Center, CFD Conference Room 320

You can join us by coming to the CFD Conference Room or clicking on the Zoom address below.​​​​


 High Impact Educational Practices @CU Denver April 13

Please join us as we celebrate the achievements of faculty who have been working to develop and integrate High Impact Educational Practices into the curriculum across campus. Faculty teams have prepared engaging PechaKucha presentations to tell you about their work. We will also serve you a yummy lunch.  

Thursday, April 13, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Discovery Wall, Auraria Library


 Cafe Pedagogique: I Had No Idea What to Say April 13

What do you do when class discussion get contentious or students say problematic things?  This cafe will focus on the ways that faculty have handled difficult moments in their classroom.​

Facilitator: Edelina Burciaga (CLAS, Sociology)

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Student Commons Building, 2018



 Learning Community: Using Writing to Promote Learning

Description: Writing-Intensive (WI) courses require students to write regularly as a means of learning course content. Writing has been shown to improve students' mastery of practical knowledge in fields of study across the university. So writing in such courses is not primarily a tool for assessing learning; it is a tool students use to develop their learning. WI courses are not limited to particular disciplines or class sizes. A large lecture in biology or history can use writing as successfully as an engineering or psychology seminar can. In this Faculty Learning Community, we will examine the writing-to-learn approach to writing pedagogy, consider examples of writing assignments and sequences in WI courses, and discuss strategies for responding to and evaluating student work. Participants will work toward creating one new project--e.g., a writing assignment, a revised assignment sequence, a syllabus that incorporates WI approaches to learning--and we will use some FLC meeting time to workshop these projects. This FLC will be facilitated by Rodney Herring, Assistant Professor of English and Director of Composition.

Facilitator: Rodney Herring

Meeting Dates/Time:  

Friday, March 31, 11-noon (CFD Conference Room, 320 Lawrence Street Center)

Friday, April 14, 11- noon (ORDE Conference Room, 300 Lawrence Street Center)

Friday, April 28, 11-noon (CFD Conference Room, 320 Lawrence Street Center)

You only need to register once.​



 Learning Community: Course-based Undergraduate Research

Description: Course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) involve whole classes of students in addressing a research question or problem.Participants in this FLC will explore the central features of CUREs, discuss examples of successful CUREs, and critically assess the effectiveness of CUREs.  Faculty who participate in this FLC will also make progress on an individual project to develop, implement, or improve a CURE of their own. The group will brainstorm and provide one another with feedback on their projects.  This FLC will be facilitated by Leo Bruederle, Associate Professor of Integrative Biology and CURE enthusiast.​

Facilitator: Leo Bruederle

Meeting Dates/Times: 

Monday, 20 March at 1:00pm, Center for Faculty Development Conference Room, suite 320

Monday, 3 April at 1:00pm, Office of Research Services, LSC suite 300

Monday, 17 April at 1:00pm, Office of Research Services, LSC suite 300

Research and Creative Activities Symposium, Friday, April 28 from 10:00am-3:30pm, Student Commons Building

Monday, 1 May at 1:00pm, Center for Faculty Development Conference Room, suite 320

You only need to register once.



 Lunch and Learn: What Do Students Think? NSSE Survey Results for Faculty April 18

Every three years the university administers the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) to a sample of our students.  This survey asks students about their participation and level of engagement in educationally purposeful activities like high impact practices, undergraduate research, writing, integrating knowledge, and developing critical thinking skills. The survey results are a treasure trove for faculty seeking to understand how students perceive their college experience. Please join Assistant Vice Chancellor of Institutional Research & Effectiveness, Dr. Christine Stroup-Benham for a discussion of NSSE results that is specifically targeted to address questions in which faculty may be interested.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
CU Online Conference Room 1300D


 Faculty Mentoring Program: Faculty Mentors and Mentees Spring Reception April 24

Monday, April 24, 2017
​Lawrence Street Center, Alumni Conference Room, 14th floor


 Thursday Threads: Appy Hour, Image Editing and Infographics April 27

Join in the conversation with Amy Arnold from CU Online and Jenny Filipetti from the Creative Technology Commons (Auraria Library) as they discuss simple image editing and infographics. Learn about some free digital tools that can help you transform your content.

3:0​0-4:00 pm
CFD Conference Room
Lawrence Street Center, CFD Conference Room, 320

Zoom Meeting:  




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