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Accredited Online Degrees and Online Courses at University of Colorado Denver - CU Online - Denver, CO

Online Courses and Degrees, CU Online, University of Colorado Denver

Tuition and Fees

Cost (and Savings) of Attendance

The CU Denver Financial Services offers more than $70 million in financial assistance to qualified students on the downtown Denver campus each year (divided amongst 12,000+ students).



Same professors. Same credit. Same tuition. Your online courses are the exact same as the on campus ones.


Since there is no distinction between online and on campus courses (some educational institutions are 'online only' or 'extended studies' and their students can't qualify for COF) our undergrads can qualify for this stipend.

See what the current tuition rates are by school and college.

UC Denver Fees 


In order to maintain the same degree of excellence expected of all CU Denver courses, there is a standard online course fee that’s required to support and deliver a superior online experience and a dedicated student helpdesk.

University Financial Aid 


There are several different forms of financial assistance available to you every semester.

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