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Navigating Through eCollege


What can I find in my course?

  • See the Course Menu and eCollege Tools below...

What’s the “Course Menu”?

  • The Course Menu, located at the left of your main course view, will hold crucial items that your professor has decided to use this semester or it will hold a default course menu. Each header is defined below...
    • Course Home: holds "Announcements", "What's New", and the "Course Checklist".
    • Announcements: timely information critical to course scheduling.
    • What's New: identifies latest changes to the course as newest threaded discussion posts.
    • Course Checklist: lists course activities and due dates.
    • Syllabus: provides course overview, course schedule, textbooks, course objectives, course policies and procedures, grading policy, course requirements, and instructor contact information.
    • Virtual Office: Where the instructor sets up a chat room/threaded discussion for course questions.
    • Units/Weeks/Modules: Course content is housed under these sections and can be lectures, threaded discussions, videos, assignments, quizzes/exams, papers, etc.

What are the eCollege tools and what do they do?

  • Check out eCollege Tools that might be available in your course...
    • Gradebook: is where you will find your grades and instructor's feedback.
    • Email: utilizes your student email account to send and receive messages. You will receive a copy of your sent message.
    • Live: is used for Chatting and for participating in a Virtual Classroom. There can be group chat rooms, the class chat room, and/or chat rooms for various weeks.
    • Doc Sharing: is where an instructor might ask you to submit a file to share with your classmates.
    • Dropbox: is where an instructor might ask you to submit an assignment or paper.
    • Journal: is where you can write directly to the instructor or to yourself about the course or your coursework. It is often used to start papers or assignments.
    • Webliography: electronic resources specific to your course or department.
    • Help: opens a window containing the eCollege Knowledge Base which walks you through many common questions and issues.

What is the Security Timeout?

  • eCollege will automatically log you out of your course (even during exams and typing in a text box) after 45 minutes of inactivity (clicking within the course). To prevent this, save often and if you are working on an essay or long post for a threaded discussion, type in Word or Notepad, then copy that content back into your course.

How do I view documents?

  • Documents will be under your current Week/Module/Unit. Your instructor may have embedded the file/s or hyperlinked the file/s.

    If the instructor embedded the file, then you will be able to simply view the file after you open the header under the correct Week/Module/Unit.

    If the instructor hyperlinked the file, then you will need to click on the blue hyperlink, usually called "Click Here" or the document title (an example is shown to the right), and then the file will open.

How do I save documents/homework?

  • While viewing the document, click on the content area...
    • You may either use a short cut key:
      *To use the short cut on a MAC: Press the Apple button and type "S" at the same time.
      *To use the short cut on a PC:Type "Ctrl" and "S" at the same time.
    • To use your mouse: Right click on the content and click "Save Page As".
    Save the file as an .htm format and to the location of your choice. You will be able to open this later and view this in an internet webpage.

How do I print documents/syllabus?

  • While viewing the document, click on the content area.
    • You may either use a short cut key to print or your internet browser's menu. * To use the short cut on a MAC: Press the Apple button and type "P" at the same time. * To use the short cut on a PC: Type "Ctrl" and "P" at the same time.
    • To use your mouse: click "File", then "Print".

What if I have issues with documents?

  • If you are having difficulties with documents in eCollege, please contact the eCollege helpdesk. You may contact eCollege by email, phone or through Chat. Their 24 hour help desk phone number is 877-740-2214 and their email address is Their Chat Help Desk is open 7am – 7pm MST. You may enter a Chat session by logging into your course, clicking on Help, clicking on Help Desk, then Chat with a Help Desk Consultant.

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