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Human Medical Genetics and Genomics Program at UCD|AMC

Graduate Students

Our Human Medical Genetics and Genomics Ph.D. students are a multi-cultural group of great people who are working hard toward meeting their scholastic and research goals. They are from various international and U.S. universities with diverse backgrounds. If they are in their lab of choice for their thesis work, there is a link to their lab for you to explore on the faculty page. Please feel free to contact any of them if you have questions with the email link provided on this page.

Student Email Address Laboratory
Gen Anderson Rotating
Joanne Cole Richard Spritz
Mihret Elos Jing Wang
Ilea Esklidsen James Sikela
Ken Eyring David Schwartz
Britney Helling David Schwartz
Esteban Lucero Rotating
Emily Mathews Bruce Appel
Ashley Montoya Amanda Law
Leila Noetzli Jorge DiPaola
Meghan Savage Rotating
Veronica Searles James Sikela
Jonathan Shortt David Pollock
Mary Sweet Matthew Taylor
Peter Van Laarhoven Tamim Shaikh
Leah Venturoni Stephen Goodman
Laura Warg David Schwartz

Student Learning Objectives for the Human Medical Genetics and Genomics  Ph.D.

The Ph.D. program in Human Medical Genetics trains graduate students to become proficient and successful investigators who are able to:

1.      Demonstrate a basic knowledge of central concepts in the biomedical sciences.

2.      Understand current concepts in human genetics and genomics.

3.      Read and critically evaluate the scientific literature.

4.      Formulate hypotheses based on current concepts in the field and design, conduct, and interpret their own research projects.

5.      Present research results in peer-reviewed publications and in a dissertation.

6.      Communicate research results effectively through oral presentations at scientific seminars, conferences, and other venues.

7.      Write a competitive application for research funding.

8.      Develop ancillary skills, where necessary, to obtain positions outside of scientific research.

Human Medical Genetics and Genomics Student Handbook

HMGGP Handbook

Graduate School Rules and Policies

Graduate School Rules and Policies 4.13