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Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development

Student Members

CSD Student - Colleen Bartman


Colleen Bartman​

1st Year Rotations

CSD Student - Brian Bayless


Brian Bayless​

Thesis Advisor: Chad Pearson
Lab Phone: 303-724-5886

CSD Student - Stephanie Bonney


Stephanie Bonney

Thesis Advisor: Julie Siegenthaler

CSD Student - David Castillo


David Castillo

Thesis Advisor: Linda Barlow
Lab Phone: 303-724-343​7

CSD Student - Jinxiang Dai


Jinxiang Dai

Thesis Advisor: Wendy Macklin

CSD Student - Jason Dinella


Jason Dinella

Thesis Advisor: Peter Koch

CSD Student - Colby Fees


Colby Fees

Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Moore

CSD Student - Santiago Fregoso


Santiago Fregoso

Thesis Advisor: Santos Franco

CSD Student - Veronica Fregoso


Veronica Fregoso

Thesis Advisor: Amanda Law​

CSD Student - Diane Gumina


Diane Gumina

Thesis Advisor: Virginia Winn

CSD Student - Jennifer Jones


Jennifer Jones

First Year Rotations

CSD Student - Brad Kubick


Brad Kubick

Thesis Advisor: Dennis Roop
Lab Phone: 303-724-0593

CSD Student - Senthilnath Lakshmana Chetty


Senthilnath Lakshmana Chetty

Thesis Advisor: Maranke Koster

CSD Student - Alex Liggett


Alex Liggett

Thesis Advisor: James DeGregori

CSD Student - Swati Mishra


Swati Mishra

Thesis Advisor: Julie Siegenthaler​

CSD Student - Sofia Pezoa


Sofia Pezoa

1st Year Rotations

CSD Student - Heather Ray

Heather Ray

Thesis Advisor: Lee Niswander
Lab Phone: 303-724-3793

CSD Student - Ryan Scannura


Ryan Scannura

Thesis Advisor: David Clouthier

CSD Student - Tanya Swarts

Tanya Swarts

Thesis Advisor: Wendy Macklin

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CSD Student - Andrew Weems

Andrew Weems

Thesis Advisor: Michael McMurray

CSD Student - Jonathan Wilde

Jonathan Wilde

Thesis Advisor: Lee Niswander
Lab Phone: 303-724-3793

CSD Student - Jason Williams


Jason Williams

Thesis Advisor: Kristin Artinger

CSD Student - Caitlin Winkler


Caitlin Winkler​

Thesis Advisor: Santos Franco