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Mission Statement

School of Medicine Faculty Affairs


The School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs has two primary goals:

    1. To ensure fair and consistent treatment of faculty, according to the rules of the University and the School of Medicine.
    2. To assist the departments and divisions of the School of Medicine to recruit, develop, promote and retain outstanding clinicians, teachers and scholars.

The Office of Faculty Affairs is committed to achieving the following specific objectives:

    1. Maintain an “open door” and “open communication” policy;
    2. Assist faculty, department chairs and administrators to understand and comply with the rules of the University and the School of Medicine;
    3. Streamline the paperwork, and upgrade the data bases, that are used to track appointments, promotions, tenure and other “faculty events;”
    4. Develop a comprehensive faculty evaluation system – one that uses valid, relevant measures of faculty performance, that ensures accountability, that is linked to faculty self-improvement, that provides reliable data for promotion and tenure decisions and that reflects the missions and values of the School of Medicine; and
    5. Strengthen the School’s faculty development programs, especially for junior faculty who are beginning, or building, their careers as clinician-educators, scientists or scholars.