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Brain Bowl Results

College Results:
1st Place Eolus
2nd Place Mount Crestone
3rd Place Uncompahgre
4th Place Maroon bells

Team Results:

College Team Name Team Members Score (Out of 320)
Eolus The Falcons James McCullough
Anjali Durandhar
Zia Choudry
Haley Landwehr
Tony Bonds
Audrey Blakely-Smith
Kinsey Roth
Mount Crestone The SUPER AWESOME
Demolition Team Activate
Christine Bates
Brian Cristiano
Geoff Fauchet
Deb Seymour
Amira del Pino Joes
Uncompahgre The Red Rockers Mohammed Hamza
Andi Hudler
Alia Broman
Francis Hall
Jennie Buchanan
Tom Parker
Maroon Bells The Honey Badgers Luke Bidikov
Charlie Tharp
Shelby Lloyd
Rosie Li
Chrstie Osborne
Bela Mohapatra
Tai Lockspeiser
Shamita Punjabi