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Students and Faculty in CAPE

Admissions - Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for the answers to commonly asked questions. After reviewing this information, feel free to email with your individual question. Questions are only answered through email. We are unable to answer questions by phone due to the high number of calls we receive.

Individual Transcript Reviews and Meetings

Can I make a phone or in-person appointment with a CHA/PA advisor?
Can an advisor from CHA/PA review my transcripts for course requirements?
Do you offer campus tours?

Prerequisite Coursework

Can I use the genetics course toward the biology requirement?
Do you accept online or community college courses?
What are upper division courses?
Is there a time limit on any of the required prerequisite courses?
What courses are required before applying?
Can I use courses with general titles such as Special Topics of Biology, Senior Seminar, or Techniques of Biology toward the prereqs?
What types of courses cannot be used toward the BIO requirement?
Do you require medical experience to apply?
Can I use biochemistry courses toward the biology requirement?
Can I use nutrition courses toward the biology requirement?
Can I use a course offered in the health sciences department toward the biology requirement?
Upper division courses at my university are not traditionally numbered as 300+ or 3000+ level. Should I notify admissions?
Do you accept study abroad courses?
I already have a medical degree from another country. Do I have to complete all of the prerequisites?
Do you review updated coursework on my CASPA application submitted after my CASPA application was initially verified?
Do you accept transfer credit?

Applications and Transcripts

What makes an application competitive?
Do I need to send CHA/PA my official transcripts?
What communication should I expect from CHA/PA during the application process?
Should I wait to submit my supplemental application until my CASPA application and GRE scores are received by the program?
In what order should I submit the required components of my application?
I am a reapplicant. What is the procedure for applying?
Can I update my application with additional experience hours after submitting my CASPA application?

Supplemental Application Fee

How long does it take for the supplemental application fee to show up as paid on my application?
I am getting an error message when I try to pay the supplemental application fee.

GPA Calculations

I have retaken a course. Will my original lower grade be removed from the GPA?
Can I send CHA/PA an official transcript to recalculate my GPAs after my spring or summer grades are received?

GRE Scores

Do you require the GRE? Do you accept any other test scores?
I have a graduate degree, do I need to take the GRE?
How long will it take ETS to send my GRE scores to CASPA?
How do I verify my GRE scores have been received by CASPA?
Do I need to self-report my GRE scores on my CASPA application?
I am a reapplicant. Do I need to resend my GRE scores?

Letters of Reference and Additional Application Materials

Do you accept additional letters of recommendation other than those submitted through CASPA?
Who should submit my letters of reference?
Can I mail in additional items such as resumes, portfolios, or letters to CHA/PA to evaluate as part of my application?

General Program Questions

Do graduates only go into pediatrics?
How can I find a PA to shadow?
How is CHA/PA’s 3 year program different from a 2 year program?
If I were accepted into the program, when does it begin and what is the schedule?
Can I attend the program part time or work during the program?