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Kyle Tick, LCSW

Adjunct Faculty

Kyle Tick, LSCW 

Course Director - Psychosocial Aspects of Medicine and Behavioral Medicine

Clinical Instructor of Pediatrics

MSW, Columbia University Graduate School of Social Work, New York, NY, 1977; BA Psychology, State University of New York, NY, 1997

Ms. Tick is the Director of the Psychosocial Curriculum of the Child Health Associate / Physician Assistant Program.   She is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Social Work.  Her teaching includes Psychosocial Aspects of Clinical Care, Applied Behavioral Medicine and Parenting. Additionally she provides a cultural diversity, spirituality and child abuse component to the program.  She has led workshops on Promoting Wellness in our Providers as well as introducing the concepts of mindfulness and mindful practice in medicine.  She had been in private psychotherapy practice for over 25 years in Denver. She specializes in child, adolescent and family therapy.
Awards: 2011 Rosa Park's Diversity Faculty Award