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CHA/PA Faculty and Staff

Meet the Faculty and Staff at the CHA/PA Program





Jonathan M. Bowser, MS, PA-C
Program Director

Associate Dean

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Section Head

Celia Kaye, MD 

Tai Lockspeiser, MD, MHPE
Medical Director

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Cathy Ruff, MS, PA-C 


Cathleen C. Ruff, MS, PA-C
Associate Program Director – Didactic Curriculum

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

 Rebecca Maldonado, MS, PA-C


Rebecca Maldonado,

Associate Program Director - Clinical Curriculum

Associate Professor of Pediatrics




BogartKevin (02) 2013.jpg

Assistant Professor
Eckhardt Photo ​​

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics



Clinical Instructor of Pediatrics 


Joyce Nieman, MHS, PA-C
Clinical Site Educator

Assistant Professor
 of Pediatrics
Jacqueline Sivahop, MS, PA-C

Jacqueline Sivahop, MS, PA-C
Clinical Course Director

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics






Janice Baker 

Janice Baker
Clinical Services Professional

Kay Denler
Director of Admissions and Communications


Liz Gray
Admissions and Finance Coordinator

KuceraKim (042) 2015.jpg

Kim Kucera
Didactic Services Coordinator

Jennifer Smidt
Clinical Services Coordinator




Angela Vondra
Business Services Professional



Donna Curtis, MD, MPH
Medical Microbiology

Nancey Bookstein, Ed.D

Arelis Burgos, MD
Pediatric Dermatology

John J. Cohen, MD

Janka Flaska, PA-C
Emergency Medicine

Thomas French, PhD

Raul Gierbolini, DHS, PA-C*

Robyn Gisbert, PT

Jackie Glover, PhD
Interprofessional Education and Development

Michael Hall, PhD
Integrated Science Basic to Medicine

Nicole Draper, MD
General and Systematic Pathology

Mary Kohn, MD; Kari Lillehammer, MD
Care of the Neonate

  Claudia Luna-Asturias, LCSW
  Psychosocial Curriculum​


All faculty listed above are faculty of the University of Colorado system with the exception of those individuals starred (*) from the community.


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