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Grading will be pass/fail - assessed at the end of each phase based on course requirements. The Phase IV grade will be determined by the Director, Mentor, Associate Director, and a team of faculty.

Assessment Components

    • Selection of an appropriate problem statement/ question/ hypothesis/ aim
    • Selection of an appropriate methodology to answer problem statement/ question/ hypothesis/ aim
    • Background literature search
    • Application of an appropriate methodology
    • Clarity of poster
    • Clarity of presentation

Final Product (3 parts)
Paper summary - 10-25 pages depending on thematic area or a paper published in a peer reviewed journal.

Poster - For most projects, the poster will summarize the paper. For projects on the Arts, the poster will include a brief description on the project dates and location of presentation.

Presentation - For most projects, the presentation is of the poster, including a brief project summary and Q & A. For projects on the Arts, the presentation could be an exhibit or performance with a summary and Q & A.