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IDPT 8005, Integrated Clinicians Course 5

Transition to Residency 2 and Career

The final Integrated Clinicians Course, Integrated Clinicians Course 5 (ICC 5), is in part, a continuation and expansion of the skills and knowledge of ICC 4. Designed to transition students to residency, as well as prepare them for their chosen career, this ICC will include many specialty-specific sessions. Students will have the opportunity to expand on their teaching and leadership skills, discuss legal issues (including malpractice), financial planning and mentoring, and review on-call issues and journal articles. Additionally, BCLS recertification, as well as ACLS instruction and certification, will be completed during this ICC. As a final didactic session just before graduation, ICC 5 serves as the capstone to a successful medical school career.

Attendance is mandatory and make up assignments will be required for all absences.

ICC 5 Goals (PDF wit​h objectives​)

  • Explain and demonstrate skills for teaching.
  • Describe and demonstrate skills for advance life support as an individual and as a team member.
  • Demonstrate discharge planning skills.
  • Examine resident legal issues and financial planning.
  • Describe and apply resident leadership skills.
  • Observe, describe and participate in aspects of medical malpractice.
  • Review management of common clinical topics.
  • Review top 10 on call issues and top 3 journal articles by specialty.
  • Reflect and evaluate the SOM curriculum.
  • Discuss and review etiologies of, and strategies for, managing unanticipated outcomes.
  • Reflect on personal experiences in the clinical setting and reflect on the impact of these experiences on personal and professional growth.