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IDPT 7003, Integrated Clinicians Course 3

Clinical Knowledge and Skills

Integrated Clinicians Course 3 (ICC 3) provides students with skills necessary for the fourth year of medical school, including preparation for sub-internships and critical care rotations, useful Step 2 review sessions, as well as career development sessions to help guide students through the residency application process.

Attendance is mandatory and make up assignments will be required for all absences.

ICC 3 Goals (PDF with objectives​)

  • To provide students with the information and skills necessary for the residency application process.
  • To provide students with training in how to sign out a patient and hand them off to colleagues for continuing management.
  • To review the pharmacology of the most frequently used antibiotics and drugs used in inpatient adult and pediatric care.
  • To provide opportunities to discuss the concepts and skills involved in critical care and trauma.
  • To provide personal information and counseling about managing student loans.
  • To provide time and opportunity for students to reflect on the events and personal/professional growth that have transpired in the last year.
  • To provide students with the information needed to select and prepare for a sub-internship.
  • Explore our evolving health care system and understand the challenges of health care reform.
  • To discuss and review etiologies of, and strategies for, managing unanticipated outcomes.