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Department of Radiology

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Radiology Residency Program

The program at the University of Colorado is unique in many respects.  Three characteristics of the program in particular are worth mentioning specifically:


Exposure to a variety of pathology and practice settings

Our residents are exposed to multiple practice settings due to the ability to rotate through five different affiliated hospitals.  Each hospital has a distinct focus and area of expertise.  Transplantation, oncology, trauma care, pediatrics, vascular disease, and care for pulmonary disorders are all nationally acclaimed at the hospital affiliates.  In addition to the diverse pathology, the residents are exposed to multiple diverse practice settings and have to ability to learn from many different faculty members.  This leads to a very broad-based and subspecialty educational experience.

Active education and research program

The educational mission at the University of Colorado remains a vital focus for the entire department.  There is a favorable faculty to resident ratio (currently with 56 physician faculty and 32 residents at all the hospitals).  Daily conferences are given at three of the hospitals, with teleconferencing for the remainder of the residents.  In addition to the daily conferences, there are didactic core lectures two days per week for the residents as well as lectures on research methodology and the socioeconomics of radiology practice.  Research months may be requested in addition to normal elective months, and all residents are given the opportunity to go to the AFIP.  Greater than 90% of the graduates in the past 5 years have pursued fellowships, and the all have obtained positions at their first or second choice programs.

Facilities and location

The University of Colorado Hospital is part of a new (2007) billion dollar medical complex situated just east of downtown Denver.  The entire hospital, as well as the medical school and research facilities, is all brand new with state-of-the art radiology equipment.  In addition, due to its location the University of Colorado offers access to the Rocky Mountain region and all that it has to offer - indeed, we are one of only two radiology residency programs in the region.

The faculty and residents at the University of Colorado believe very strongly in our educational, research, and clinical missions.  We further believe that we offer candidates many unique experiences during their residency that cannot be found elsewhere.  We look forward to showing our program to you!

David Rubinstein, M.D. 
Radiology Residency Program Director

Colin Strickland, M.D.
Nicole Restauri, M.D.
Associate Radiology Residency Program Directors

For questions about the residency program, please contact:

David Rubinstein, MD, Program Director
Colin Strickland, M.D. or Nicole Restauri, M.D., Associate Program Directors
Tina Kutsuma, Education Coordinator