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Recently Funded Research

Davis, Elysia, received:

     P50MH 096889, NIH/ NIMH, NIMH Silvio O. Conte Center, Tallie Z. Baram (Center PI), Davis, Elysia. (Project 3 PI $2,215,840 (total costs)). Fragmented Early Life Environmental and Emotional/Cognitive Vulnerabilities. Project Period: 2013-2018 Award: $9,999,963 (total costs)

     R01 HD065823, NIH/NICHD, Davis, Elysia (PI). Vulnerability to Prenatal Glucocorticoids Programs Infant Development Project Period: 2010-2016. Award: $2,540,324 (total costs)

     R01 HD72021, NIH/NICHD, Chris Dunkel Schetter (PI), Davis, Elysia (Co-I). Preconception and Prenatal Stress: Pathways to Child Biology and Behavior. Project Period: 2013-2018

     R01 HD73491, NIH/NICHD, Mary Coussons-Read (PI), Davis, Elysia (Co-I). Mechanisms and Effects of Prenatal Maternal Affect on Pregnancy and Infant Development Project Period: 2013-2018

     R21 HD078797, NIH/NICHD, Pilyoung Kim (PI), Davis, Elysia (Co-I). Poverty, Chronic Stress and Neural Regulation of Maternal Mood and Parenting, Project period (2014-2016). Award: $275,000 (direct costs)

Law, Amanda, received:

     R01MH103716-01A1, NIH, NIMH, Law, Amanda (PI). Targets for Treating Schizophrenia: AKT in Neurodevelopment and Cognition. Effort 35%. (09/16/14-09/15/19). Annual direct costs. Year 1, $300,000; year 2, $270,000; year 3, $270,000; year 4, $270,000; year 5, $270,000.

     The Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI). CO-Pilot Mentored Faculty Award for postdoc in my lab Dr. Kristy Howell. Gene-Environment interactions underlying neurodevelopmental disorders: Examining the impact of obstetric complications on the placenta, AKT1, brain development and function. June 2016-2017. $30,000 dollars

Maclean, Ken received:

     ER stress and cognitive impairment in Down syndrome (LCI Grand Challenges in Down syndrome) The goal of this project is to investigate the role of misfolded protein accumulation and activation of Xbp1, ATF6 and impaired Proteasomal function in cholinergic neuron loss in Down syndrome. June2016– December 2016. $50,000.

     William R. Hummel Homocystinuria Research Fund June 2015 ($50,000) Ken Maclean (PI). Understanding Pathogenesis in Homocystinuria, The goal of this project is to elucidate the pathogenic mechanisms that underlie atherogenesis, thrombosis, impaired cognition and connective tissue disorders in CBS deficient homocystinuria with a view towards the rational design of novel therapies.

Morgan, George received:

     CSU Ventures, 2016-17, Development of a computer app for a school readiness tablet assessment of mastery motivation and executive function in 3 to 8-year olds, $10,000

Mullin, Benjamin received:

     K23MH108640. National Institute of Mental Health. An Investigation of the Neural and Executive Function Underpinnings of Severe Worry Among Adolescents.”

Reaven, Judy received:
     Co-Investigator on a Organization for Autism Research Grant; $30,000 April 1, 2016 – March 30, 2017; PI: Audrey Blakeley-Smith, Ph.D. Pilot Study to Modify Facing Your Fears for Adolescents with ASD/IDD

Sannes, Tim received:

    2016, The University of Colorado Department of Medicine Institutional Funds, Sannes, Tim (PI)Measuring Markers of Physiologic Stress at the Initiation of Palliative Care: A Feasibility Study Targeting the Dyadic Patient-Caregiver Relationship (The Care2 Study), $20,000.

Schwab Reese, Laura received:

    Yellow Ribbon Foundation, Runyan, C, (PI), Schwab Reese, Laura (Co-I). Mental Health Provider Perceptions of Suicide Training, 01/01/2016-06/31/2016. $6,500. 

     Public Health Agency of Canada, Fluke, J (PI), Schwab Reese, Laura (Co-PI), Emerging Technologies for Child Maltreatment Surveillance, 02/01/2016-05/01/2016. $7,000.

Talmi, Ayelet received:

    The Colorado Health Foundation, Talmi, Ayelet (PI). First 1,000 Days, 06/01/16 – 05/31/18. $308,700.

    Denver Foundation Colorado Health Access Fund. Talmi, Ayelet (Co-PI). Expanding Behavioral Health Treatment for Young Mothers, 06/01/16 – 05/31/19. $420,000.

     Community First Foundation (PI), Integration of Behavioral Health in Pediatric Settings, 10/06/15 – 05/31/18. $1,640,500.

Whitesell, Nancy received:

     PO 15JTPO0527. The Children’s Bureau, through ICFI. Evaluation Capacity Building Coach, Capacity Building Center for States. On behalf of the Children’s Bureau, this contract provides consultation to tribes with Title IV-E Waiver funding for child welfare programs to help the tribes evaluate their efforts to build local capacity for evaluating programmatic efforts. 10/20/2015 – 09/29/2016. $63,720.76.

Whitesell, Nancy received:

     HHSN271201500717P. NIH/NIDA., Sarche, Michelle (PIs), NCRE Scholars: Mentoring Program for Career and Research Development of American Indian/Alaska Native Scholars This contract extends a Mentoring Program for Career and Research Development of AmericanIndian/Alaska Native Scholars (HHSN271201200692P), supporting intensive career development activities for doctoral-level researchers and graduate students. 09/30/15 – 09/29/17, $150,000.

     90PH0017/01. Administration for Children and Families. The American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start Child and Family Experiences Survey (AI/AN FACES), Whitesell, Nancy Rumbaugh (PI), Sarche, Michelle (PI). This contract is to help lead the AI/AN FACES Workgroup in planning the first national study of Head Start programs in tribal communities (Region XI), coordinating in- person and phone meetings, facilitating conversations across diverse groups of stakeholders, and lending scientific and cultural expertise to the study design, implementation, analysis, reporting, and dissemination. 2/6/2015-10/31/2016, $140,031.