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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Assistive Technology Partners

Assistive Technology Partners offers unique expertise in the use of technology to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities of all ages. Assistive Technology Partners’ clinic program provides one-on-one evaluations, consultation and training services to individuals in the following assistive technology areas: Wheelchair Seating and Mobility, Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC), Computer Access, Electronic Aids to Daily Living (EADLs), Learning/Cognitive Aids, Worksite Accommodation/Ergonomics, Nighttime Positioning, and Early Intervention.

Main Phone Number:  303-315-1280

Location:                     601 East 18th Avenue, Suite 130
                                    Denver, CO 80203


Faculty:                       Bodine, Cathy
                                    Burne, Brian
                                    Elfner, Shelly
                                    Goldberg, Aleaza
                                    Heyn, Patricia
                                    Hogue, Kent
                                    Lyons, Heather
                                    McGrew, Gregory
                                    McLachlan, Leslie
                                    Melonis, Maureen
                                    Miller, Julia
                                    Perkins, Christina
                                    Roberts, M. Denice
                                    Sandstrum, James
                                    Waugh, Kelly

Associated Faculty:    Breaux Rebecca
                                    Cohrs Marlin
                                    Harkness Lorrie
                                    Loeffler Sue