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You have reached the Web site for the Department of Pathology at the University of Colorado Denver.

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Pathology IT

Pathology IT Support: Anatomic Pathology and Research

For IT support in the Anatomic Pathology and Research divisions, please refer to the below Urgent/Non-Urgent options:

   - Desktop support (computer, monitor, Office suite software)

   - Clinical Application support (e.g. Cortex, QuikScribe, Dragon)

   - Web page suggestions



A.  Urgent Support

1. Pathology IT Office                                              

 - Adam Zahorscak                               (4-5527)  

 - Michael Witt                                      (4-8131)


 - Bob Dayton (Research Labs)              (4-3778)


2. Backup and Weekend / After Business Hours

 - Adam Zahorscak                                     Cell:  (205) 568–1032                                              

 - Michael Witt                                            Cell:  (720​) 939-4880



3. E-mail:

Sending an e-mail to this address will automatically include all IT staff on your request



B.  Non-Urgent Support / Project Requests


1. E-Mail:


 _______________________________________________________________  ​