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Meet the Residents

Department of Neurology

Class of 2015 (PGY-3)

Taylor Finseth, MD      

Taylor Finseth, MD
Taylor grew up in Northeastern Ohio sandwiched between two of the finest cities in the US - Cleveland and Akron. He enjoyed playing soccer growing up and looks back fondly on the state championship he was fortunate enough to win as a senior in High School. He attended undergrad at Miami University (in Ohio) and medical school at Ohio State University. There he met his lovely wife, Beth, who is now an OB/GYN resident at Exempla St Joseph Hospital in Denver (also where Taylor did his IM internship). They came to Denver for a new adventure, the scenery, the weather and, of course, the wonderful people we met here on our interviews. Taylor is "undeclared" in his further neurology interests but is planning on doing a fellowship here at U of Colorado.

Jason Fleming, MD  

Jason Fleming, MD
Jason was born and raised just outside New Orleans, Louisiana. Wanting to experience a different part of the country, he attended Boston College for his undergraduate degree. He had always been interested in pursuing a career in medicine, and during his summers in college he had the opportunity to spend time in clinic and the operating room with a movement disorders specialist who was part of a surgical deep brain stimulation group. This experience solidified his interest in medicine and furthered his interest in neurology in particular. After medical school at the University of Miami School of Medicine, he had the opportunity again to experience a new region of the US after matching at the University of Colorado. He has very much enjoyed working with all of the faculty, students, and co-residents during both his intern year and neurology residency at the University of Colorado. When not working, Jason enjoys hiking, cycling, snowboarding, and mostly any other activity that provides the opportunity to appreciate the outdoors and be active. He intends to pursue a fellowship though at this point remains undecided about which sub-specialty. In the meantime, he plans to see more of the beauty of the American West, especially after trips to Rocky Mountain and Grand Teton National Parks.

Laura Friedlander, MD  

Laura Friedlander, MD
Laura is a proud Colorado native. While growing up in the foothills she was able to enjoy camping, hiking, boating and even dirt biking in the Rocky Mountains. This love of the outdoors was enough to convince her to stay in the beautiful state of Colorado to complete her academic career. She attended the University of Colorado Boulder where she majored in Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology and was lucky enough to stay in the state for medical school at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She knew that becoming a physician was the perfect career choice after completing a year of research investigating the immune system’s interaction with HIV. This experience reinforced not only how important the science behind medicine is but also how much she wanted human interaction to be an integral part of her career.

Cliff Hampton, MD  

Cliff Hampton, MD
Cliff grew up in Utah and graduated from Weber State University with a degree in Spanish Language. He has held dozens of jobs since a teenager in everything from landscaping to cancer research and from Spanish medical interpreter to men's clothing retail. Late in the course of his college education, he chose to pursue a career in medicine and is the first and only person from his family in the medical field. He left Utah to attend the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas and received his medical degree with special emphasis in bioethics. During medical school, he found his rotations through internal medicine, neurology, and psychiatry especially fulfilling. He eventually decided on neurology because neurologic disease affects individuals and families so profoundly and there is so much potential to help patients through their maladies. After graduating from Baylor, he completed his medicine internship at University of Colorado Denver. Despite internship being a busy year, he very much enjoyed it because the residents and faculty with whom he worked were "simply superb." Cliff and his wife have been married almost a decade.  Most of his time outside of residency duties is dedicated to his wife and three energetic sons. Among their favorite family activities are taking long walks or day hikes and having picnics at scenic mountain vistas.

Michelle Leppert, MD  

Michelle Leppert, MD
Michelle was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Her family moved to Vancouver, Canada when she was nine, where she developed a love for math and table tennis. In high school her family moved again to Cupertino, California where she live down the street from Apple headquaters. She studied Math and Biology at Duke University, and spend a summer trapessing around the Peruvian amazon modeling trees. After college she migrated south and attended medical school at Emory University in Atlanta where she became obsessed with neuroanatomy and the mysteries of the brain. While in medical school, she became dissatisfied with the current model of healthcare delivery. She obtained an MBA in hopes of one day making heathcare affordable and more accessible. Currently, she is a resident in Neurology at the University of Colorado and spends her free time with her husband, new baby boy, rabbit and two turtles.



Michael Persenaire, MD  

Michael Persenaire, MD
Born and raised in West Michigan. Undergraduate studies in biopsychology.  Medical school in Detroit, MI at Wayne State University with the intention of entering a Neurology residency. I chose the University of Colorado mostly for the people I met in the Neurology program and beautiful surroundings. My intersets include basketball, golf, music (mostly listening) and conspiracy theories with a focus on conspiracy theories surrounding western medicine. People I admire include Noam Chomsky, Bertrand Russell, David Hume, William James, Adam Smith and John Dewey. So far, I couldn't be happier with my choice to move to colorado.

Class of 2016 (PGY-2)

Brice McConnell, MD  

Brice McConnell, MD
I was born and raised in sunny Colorado. I completed an undergraduate in Biochemistry at Colorado State University, and subsequently completed a MSTP at UC Denver with a PhD in Molecular Biology. When I had the opportunity to stay here for residency in Neurology, I was thrilled to join the program. My wife and our dogs live in a home near the University and enjoy our great backyard garden with plenty of fresh veggies all summer. In my free time, I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking and camping. My wife and I are also travel enthusiasts, and love to have a good adventure outside of the States.




Dina Galperin, MD  

Dina Galperin, MD
Dina Galperin was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and moved to Colorado at young age. She grew up in Denver and attended college at the University of Colorado at Boulder where she received a degree in integrative physiology. She moved away to attend medical school at St. Louis University and then ventured even further east to New York. There she completed her internship year at Northshore-LIJ hospitals. After a long time away she and her husband are excited to return to sunny Colorado where she will conitnue her neurology training. She is excited to enjoy all the great outdoors Colorado has to offer and cannot wait for the start of the ski season.



Cameron Ludt, MD



Cameron Ludt, MD
Cameron grew up in Tucson, Arizona soaking up the sun and exploring the desert. She attended University of Arizona (go wildcats!) and pursued a degree in Marine Biology. After realizing she doesn’t swim well, gets horribly sea sick and is surrounded by desert she switched her major the Physiology. She completed her medical school training at Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. After spending the majority of her life in the dry heat she decided to head to higher ground. She completed her Intern year at the University of Colorado. She loved the UCH program, the people she worked with and all the things to do around this great state. When not diving into the mysteries of the brain, Cameron enjoys exploring new places in Colorado, hiking, scuba diving, sushi and learning to drive in the snow.



Stacy Dixon, MD  

Stacy Dixon, MD
Stacy is a born and raised Hoosier from Indiana. She attended Indiana University in Bloomington, IN where she majored in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry. She then went on to complete her medical degree at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis. Because she enjoyed being a student, she decided to also obtain her Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Indiana University School of Medicine. For her dissertation, Stacy studied epigenetic medications in the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii. After spending her entire life in Indiana, Stacy thought it was time to move to the mountains. She completed her internship year in Appalachia at East Tennessee State University. She is thrilled to now begin her Neurology residency in Denver at the University of Colorado and to begin to experience the Mountain West lifestyle with her husband who is an avid outdoor enthusiast.



Trevor Hawkins, MD  

Trevor Hawkins, MD
Trevor was born and raised in Cleveland OH, where he perfected the art of cheering for losing teams (ie Indians, Browns and Cavs). He then traveled south to Columbus where he attended THE Ohio State University for undergraduate where he finally learned what it means to cheer for a winning team. Although he started college wanting to be a chemist and then a neuroscientist, years of being buried in a basement with only lab rats for company quickly turned him to a more personable career. He then graduated with a major in biochem and a minor in neuroscience and went on to University of Toledo for medical school. After touring the state of Ohio, he felt it was time to get away to the great state of Colorado. He completed his medicine internship at University of Colorado and greatly enjoyed his first year at Denver. In his spare time, he is taking full advantage of the mountain life having skied just shy of 40 days last year, hiking, golfing, volleyball in the park or exploring the many fine microbreweries and restaurants Denver has to offer.

​Class of 2017 (PGY-1)

Samuel DeStefano, MD  

Samuel DeStefano, MD
Hometown: Harrison, Arkansas
Undergraduate: Biomedical Engineering at Tulane University Medical
Interests: still undecided but early interest in cognitive neuro, sleep neuro and medical technology
Hobbies: Skiing, Golfing, Arkansas and New Orleans football
What I like about colorado:
1) The ability to get up early on a day off, go to the mountains for a half day of skiing and be back in time for lunch (or golf.)
2) the never ending list of activities going on in the city.




Asher Jones, MD  

Asher Jones, MD
Asher grew up in Central Florida where he spent most of his time wrestling and water skiing. He received his bachelor's degree in biology from Brigham Young University in Utah after which he attended The Chicago Medical School. He completed his internship year in Internal Medicine here at the University of Colorado. He currently lives in Denver with his wife and 3 children. He is very excited to be out West again and to be training in neurology at such a great program. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball (or any sport for that matter), hiking, camping, and going to parks with his family. His favorite thing about Colorado is the fresh mountain air and lack of alligators in the lakes.



Justin Persson, MD  

Justin Persson, MD
Hometown: Armour, SD
Undergraduate: Psychology at Augustana, Sioux Falls, SD
Medical School: University of Minnesota
Hobbies: Intramural basketball, biking, hiking, reading, taking our boston terrier to the dog park.



Katie Rosell, MD



Katie Rosell, MD
Hometown: Wichita, KS
Undergraduate: Newman University, Wichita, KS
Medical interests: At this point, it's hard to find an area of neurology that I don't like, so I can't pinpoint one specific area as my favorite. I do especially have an interest, however, in movement disorders and neuromuscular disorders.
Hobbies: In my free time, I really enjoy baking (I don't know that I'm particularly good at it but I sure like trying) and reading books purely for enjoyment. I also love going camping and hiking with my husband and friends and having movie nights at home or going out in pursuit of a new ice cream place I haven't tried.
What do I like about Colorado? I haven't lived in Colorado since I was 5, but my family has gone out to the mountains in Colorado almost every summer since then to hike. I really enjoy exploring the mountains as well as the afternoon rain showers. Also, my husband is starting to teach me to ski, so I look forward to that!
Favorite job before residency: Volunteering in jungle birds at the zoo in Wichita.



Sasan Salimian, MD  

Sasan Salimian, MD
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Undergraduate: University of Maryland, Baltimore County Medical Interests: Multiple Sclerosis, Movement Disorders, Stroke
Hobbies: Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Sports What do you like about Colorado: The mountains! And also the weather and the easy access to nature and outdoor activities.
Anything else: can't think of anything in particular to mention right now... I may send you an update for this section at some point




Recent Graduates

​Class of 2014 ​Current Position
John Binder, M.D.
Child Neurology
​Pediatric Neurologist at the Billings Clinic, Billings, Montana 
​​Mario Cerdan-Trevino, M.D.   
​Vascular Neurology Fellow at Johns Hopkins University
Takamasa Higashimori, MD
​Stroke and Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology Fellow at the University of Minnesota
Andreas Michas-Martin, MD ​2013-2014 Movement Disorders Fellow at the University of Colorado
​Amanda Moen, M.D.
Child Neurology
​Pediatric Neurologist at Gillette Children’s Hospital Child Neurology Group, St. Paul, Minnesota
​Alex Mohler, M.D. ​2013-2014 Neuro-Oncology Fellow at the University of Colorado

Wayne Moldovan, M.D.

​Neurologist, Houston, Texas


​Class of 2013 ​Current Position
Charlie Braun, M.D. ​Clinical Neurophysiology Fellow at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI  
​​Haley Burke, M.D.  ​Interventional Pain Medicine Fellow at MD Anderson Texas Medical Center, Texas
Emily Gertsch, M.D., M.P.H.
Child Neurology
​2013 -2014 Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Fellow at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee
Kimberly Horiuchi, M.D. ​2013-2014 Epilepsy Fellow at the University of Colorado
Drew Kern, M.D. ​2013-2014 Clinical Movement Disorders Fellow at Parkinson Society Canada's National Research Program, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
​Angel Pulido, M.D. ​2013-2014 Vascular Fellow at the University of Colorado

​Marcus Wheeler, M.D.
Child Neurology

​Pediatric Neurologist at Kalispell Regional Medical Center, Kalispell, MT


​Class of 2012                                             ​Current Position
Peter Bergmann, M.D. ​Private Practice Kaiser Staff Neurologist at Sky Ridge Medical Center 
​​David Case, M.D.  ​2013-2014 Neuro-Critical Care Fellow at the University of Colorado School of Medicine
2012-2013 Neurovascular Fellow at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
Emily Lampe, M.D.
​Private Practice at Blue Sky Neurology, Swedish Medical Center
Eryn Lonnquist, M.D. ​Instructor Fellow at Denver VA Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Center
2012-2013 Neurobehavior Fellow at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
Danielle McDermott, M.D., M.S. ​Neurologist at Kaiser Permanente, Denver
2012-2013 Epilepsy Fellow at University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
​Meredith Schultz, M.D.
Child Neurology
​Child Neurology Pediatric Neurologist at Dean Health Systems, Madison, Wisconsin



​Class of 2011                                              ​Current Position
L. Marius Birlea, M.D. ​Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine
2011-2013  Research Fellow at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
​​Adam Graham, M.D. ​Private Practice at the Blue Sky Neurology, Swedish Medical Center
2011-2012 Neuromuscular Medicine Fellow at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
Aaron Haug, M.D.
​Private Practice at Blue Sky Neurology, Swedish Medical Center
2011-2012 Movement Disorders Fellow at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
Cindy Keator, M.D.
Child Neurology
​Child Neurology Pediatric Epileptologist at Cook Children’s Hospital, Ft. Worth, Texas
2011-2012 Pediatric Epilepsy Fellow at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
Katie Polovitz, M.D. ​Private Practice at Neurology of the Rockies, Parker Adventist Hospital
2011-2012 Epilepsy Fellow at University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
​Teri Schreiner, M.D., M.P.H.
Child Neurology
​Child Neurology Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Rocky Mountain MS Center & Children’s Hospital Colorado
2011-2012 Neuroimmunology Instructor/Fellow at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine


​Class of 2010                                               ​Current Position
A. Brooke Allen, M.D. ​Private Practice, Roaring Fork Neurology, PC  Basalt, Colorado
Jocelyn E. Bear, M.D. ​Locum Tenens, Denver, Colorado
Nhu T. Bruce, M.D.
​2010-2011 Vascular Neurology Fellow, University of California San Diego
Sita Kedia, M.D.
Child Neurology
​Child Neurology Assistant Professor Pediatric Neurology and General Academic Pediatrics
2010-2011 Research Fellow University of Colorado/ The Children's Hospital, Aurora, Colorado
Britt Stroud, M.D.
Child Neurology
​Child Neurology General Pediatric Neurology, The Children’s Hospital Southwest Florida Fort Meyers, FL
Matthew West, M.D.

​Assistant Director, University of Colorado Neurology Residency Program
Instructor Fellow of Neuroimmunology, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Christy Young Barbee, M.D. ​Private Practice, Exempla Good Samaritan Kaiser Hospital Denver Colorado

2012-2013 Neurology Housestaff