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Contact Info:

Division of Rheumatology

UC Hospital
Wanda Simpson
Phone: (303) 724-7605

VA Hospital:

Kathy Estenson
Phone: (303) 399-8020 x2837





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 Resident FAQs

How do I get access to badging, computer log-ins, etc?

Residents are supposed to receive an email by the Program Coordinator at UCDenver prior to the rotation with this information. If this email has not arrived, please contact the Program Coordinator by...

What is a typical resident rotation schedule?

Residents rotate to approximately five outpatient rheumatology clinics at three of the UC Denver affiliate hospitals each week (UCH, DHMC, and the VA). Since the vast majority of residents will not require expertise in managing inpatient rheumatologic conditions during their career, inpatient coverage is not required. In addition, residents receive approximately 20 hours of didactics that address common rheumatologic issues or diseases (handouts accessible above). Tuesday morning’s educational conferences run throughout the year, except during the summer. See the link above to download a typical weekly schedule.

What is expected of me as a resident?

Residents are required to attend clinics, didactic seminars, and Tues morning educational conferences when not expressly excused. Residents are expected to learn the basics of rheumatology, complete medical documentation accurately, and have fun!

Who do I contact about absentee days (vacation, interviews, ect…)?

Please send an email to Wanda Simpson and Robert “Bob” Janson (addresses available in the online directory) at least one week before the rotation notifying them of the impending absence, so that we can adjust the patient schedules. If you miss at the last minute, please still send the email. Avoid telling an attending in the middle of a busy clinic you will be missing later clinics, as we don’t have our schedules with us, nor do we have an easy way to notify other faculty at that time.

How do I access the password-protected lecture handouts above?

Please email Wanda Simpson or Kathy Estenson (see address on the left) to request the password.

Are there resident research opportunities in rheumatology?
Yes! Please select the Research Opportunies box under the Fellowships tab, above. For residents with serious interest in research, we would be happy to assist you in applying for funding to support a research project.