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At the start of their second year, every resident selects one of three career “pathways” -- CLINICIAN/EDUCATOR, RESEARCH, and LEADERSHIP. Each pathway has “core” content that every resident will receive, as well as “specialized” that only specific pathway members receive. Over the course of the second and third years, every resident is offered 6 hours of “core” content from each pathway, as well as 18 hours of “specialized” content which is small group based and highly interactive.


Clinician/Educator Pathway

The clinician/educator pathway is supported by outstanding clinician educators from across the medical center. Through a combination of mini-lectures, workshops, and direct observation, the pathway prepares graduates for success in a career in medical education. Far more than a 'residents as teachers' curriculum, the Clinician/Educator pathway provides formal training in:

Careers as a Clinician/Educator

Advanced Physical Diagnosis

Attending 101

Teaching at the Bedside

Successful Grand Rounds Presentations

Curricular development


Our Clinician/Educator Pathway is led by Interim Program Director Mel Anderson, MD​

Leadership Pathway

Improve your core leadership skills and performance and be ready to meet the difficult challenges of your residency, fellowship and post training career. University of Colorado's of medicine residency leadership pathway provides the baseline knowledge and experience to help you fulfill your potential through effective leadership skills training in areas like: team building, strategic planning, decision making and more. The residency leadership pathway is in transition as we roll out our new medical leaders program​. It currently includes participation by experienced community business and political leaders and CU’s best academic business professors. Through a combination of mini-lectures, workshops, and field trips the pathway prepares graduates for success at every leadership level. All leadership sessions teach valuable insights, proven to work in a “real world” environment. Key sessions will include:

Leadership Styles and Personal Profile Testing

Team Building and Leading a Team

Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Consensus Building

Emotional Intelligence

Our Leadership Pathway is led by Rita Lee and Emily Gottenborg.

Research Pathway

Some residents have extensive research experience and know that research will be an integral component of their future careers. Many other residents are considering research as part of their career future, but may not have participated in significant research opportunities before residency or have a full understanding of the broad array of research opportunities available in medicine. In order to provide an overview of research options a resident could consider and to provide education in the basics of research, our research pathway curriculum includes a longitudinal didactic series that combines basic overviews of various research disciplines with “Meet the Professor” lectures of those faculty actively pursuing careers in these areas, and small group workshops discussing writing research abstracts and grant applications. When applicable, senior residents are also asked to present their projects to the group as “Resident Research Scholars”. Incorporated into this curriculum are fellowship preparation and career mentoring sessions, introduction to other aspects of medicine, including administrative leadership career paths, wellness programming, biopharmaceutical company start-up and management and careers in industry. Residents in the research pathway are paired with an appropriate mentor and complete one to two months of research as part of the program.

Our Research Pathway is led by Associate Program Director Lisa Davis, MD.