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Scholarship is integral to robust medical education. As part of their training, residents participate in a variety of academic exercises to help lay the foundation for their future as a peer and patient educator.  Journal Club Classics is a didactic peer education project that identifies the key articles shaping the practice of  Medicine. Residents critically appraise each one of these selected articles and lead a discussion with their peers and faculty members regarding its impact and legacy. Residents also give a yearly peer teaching didactic presentation on a relevant outpatient topic to peers and faculty in their continuity clinic.  Additionally, all residents must complete a scholarly work during the second and third year of training.  This may be a research abstract, an oral presentation given at a local or national meeting, a published or submitted manuscript, or a clinical vignette about an interesting case.  Our residents achieve significant success in these activities, including awards at local, state and national meetings. Residents who are invited to present at the ACP meeting are supported by the Department of Medicine.

The Do No Harm Project​

The goal of the Do No Harm Project​ is to use clinical vignettes written by trainees to improve recognition of harms that may result from medical overuse and to drive a needed culture change in the practice of medicine

Winners in the past year:

Kenneth Hung

A Meaghan Hayes

Roxana Naderi

Kinnear Theobold


DNHP vignette published in JAMA Internal Medicine’s Teachable Moments Series (current and former residents)

Kenneth Hung

Jennifer Weiskopf

Allison Wolfe

Pai Liu

Mysha Mason

Joseph Roberts

Meredith Neiss

Ed Murphy

Austin Lammers

2015 Ambulatory Award recipients:

·         Anschutz Ambulatory Award – Allison Wolfe
·         The David J. Tanaka Outstanding Senior Resident Ambulatory Award (Lowry) - Michael Schlepp
·         Westside Resident Clinic Award  – Kelly Evans
·         Eastside Ambulatory Awards – Dan LoVerde and Ryan Murphy
·         Holly Batal Outstanding Resident Ambulatory Award (Webb) - Clark Bernard
·         VA Continuity Clinic Resident award – Brett Oestreich
·         Uptown Primary Care Triple Aim Award (High Street) – Branden Comfort

2015 ACP Associates meeting winners:

·         Oral presentations- 2nd place Roxana Naderi , 4th Place Sumugdha Rayamajhi
·         Clinical Vignette Posters- 1st place Sarah Wirth, 3rd place Tyler Miller
·         QI posters- 1st Place Stefan Law​

2015 ACP Associates Meeting Presentations:

Oral Presentations

​Peritonitis: TB or not TB?

Avash Kalra, MD

Roxana Naderi, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

Manisha Bhide, MD

University of Colorado


Systemic Amyloidosis Presenting as

Acalculous Cholecystitis

Tyler Miller, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

Santiago Rodriguez, MS3

Rachel Groff, MD

University of Colorado


A Rare Case of Abdominal Pain:

Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome

Roxana Naderi, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

Kathleen Heist, MD, ACP Member

University of Colorado


Spontaneous Intercostal Lung Herniation:

A Case Report

Sumugdha Rayamajhi, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

Max Cohen, MD

Carolyn Welsh, MD, ACP Member

University of Colorado


Pneumonic Plague: A Misdiagnosis of CAP

With Pseudonmonas luteola Bacteremia

David Elison, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

Aaron Strobel, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

Brent Wagner, MD

University of Colorado


Clinical Vignettes Posters:

An Unusual Case of Syncope in a

Lymphoma Patient

Tyler Miller, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

Douglas Ney MD

University of Colorado


Lemierre’s Syndrome: Sore Throat Leading

to Death

Aaron Strobel MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

Allison Wolfe, MD, ACP Resident/ Fellow Member

University of Colorado


Norwegian Scabies Masquerading as

Plaque Psoriasis: A Common Misdiagnosis

Sarah Wirth, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

University of Colorado


QI Posters:

Implementation of A “Four Cs” Real-Time

Feedback Tool to Assess Patient Satisfaction

and Provider Communication

Michelle Barron, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

Tyler Miller, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

Ryan Murphy, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

Patrick Kneeland, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

University of Colorado


A Needle in a Haystack: Quality

Improvement–Patient Safety

Stefan A. Law, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

Jonathan Kurche MD, PhD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

William Janssen, MD

University of Colorado


Research Posters:

Evaluation of the Appropriate Use and

Safety of Intravenous Levothyroxine at an

Academic Medical Center

Kara Mizokami-Stout, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member

Paul Reynolds, MD

Gerard Barber, MD

Larry Golightly, MD

Michael McDermott, MD

University of Colorado​