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About Us

Our Team

Our team of professionals is dedicated to transforming women’s health. From our administrative staff members to our committed scientists, we are all working to bring vital knowledge to women, their families, their practitioners and their communities.

As we further the careers of scientists focused on understanding heart disease and diabetes in women, we make a brighter future more possible for everyone. Our team is proud to pursue this goal, working to create momentum, close the gap in knowledge and share life-changing information.

Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of experts in their fields. Each member is an essential component of our success.

Our Researchers

Research is at the heart of our mission. Our senior researchers pursue long-term, nationally funded projects at the highest level of inquiry, initiating and participating in collaborative projects with other renowned scientific institutions. They also mentor our junior faculty researchers, scientists whose careers gain focus and momentum at the Center for Women’s Health Research.

Our Advisory Board

Critically important to the Center for Women’s Health Research, our Advisory Board provides business advice to the Directors and helps to define and spearhead connections to the community, including outreach, events, and fundraising efforts.

Scientific Council

Our Scientific Council supports us in building a unique community by performing research, supporting careers and working in partnership with the lay community, thus ensuring the longevity of expertise in the field of women’s health research.

Medicine Cabinet​

The CWHR Medicine Cabinet is a trusted group of community members/influencers, friends and associates who provide strategic support and advice for leadership of the Center for Women’s Health Research. Cabinet members are senior level executives who represent a broad cross-section of industries in the metropolitan Denver community.​​

Our Place in the University of Colorado System

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CWHR Job Opportunities

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