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Colorado Sickle Cell Treatment & Research Center
University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus
13121 East 17th Avenue, C-222
Education 2 South, Room 3211
Aurora, Colorado  80045

Phone: 303-724-9070      Fax: 303-724-9161  

Adult Clinic / Patient Needs   (Dr. Hassell)   720-848-0300    University of Colorado Hospital

Pediatric Clinic / Patient Needs  (Dr. Nuss)  720-777-6740     Children's Hospital Colorado 


Center Personnel Title Contact Information
Kathryn Hassell, MD

Director and Professor
Adult Hematologist

720-848-0300  Clinic / Patient Needs
303-724-9070  Office
Rachelle Nuss, MD Professor
Pediatric Hematologist
720-777-6740  Clinic / Patient Needs
303-724-9070  Office
Cheri Burge Administrator

303-724-9070  Office
720-217-1306  Cell

Christian Billington, BS Adult
Clinical Care Coordinator

303-724-9073  Office

Michael Regier, MSW, LCSW Pediatric
Clinical Care Coordinator

303-724-9066  Office

Anne Gillespie, RN, BSN Pediatric Nurse

Julie McAfee, BS  Clinical Research Coordinator 303-724-9072  Office 
Donna Holstein, RN, BSN  Clinical Educator,
Newborn Screening                        Follow-Up Program 
Cynthia Simmons, BS Sickle Cell Trait Counselor