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Ongoing Studies

​The HTC is actively involved in over 40 ongoing studies that are advancing treatments, therapies and the clinical understanding of bleeding and clotting disorders around the world.

Hemophilia Studies

The HTC is currently conducting studies of patients with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.  Many of these studies help to further develop new treatments, like recombinant clotting factor injections, for patients with bleeding disorders. Other studies study treatment methods, like the use of prophylactic medicine in patients with hemophilia. Additionally, some of the HTC studies are natural history studies, which are intended to get a better understanding of how bleeding disorders work.

Thrombosis (Stroke) Studies

The HTC also conducts several studies of patients with clotting disorders. These studies are primarily aimed at understanding stroke in children, youths and adults with clotting disorders.



Our studies vary and medical privacy rules restrict us from listing them directly here. To learn more about participating in ongoing studies at the HTC, please speak with us when at a clinical visit or contact our Clinical Research Team at or at 303-724-0306.