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School of Medicine Strategic Planning

The School of Medicine has come far. We’re pleased with where we stand with our four missions: clinical, community engagement, education and research. But the future promises to be a big challenge. 

We need to be ready. 

That’s why the school, working with our colleagues across the Anschutz Medical Campus, has begun far-reaching strategic planning for the future. We’ve formed working groups, hired a consultant (Navigant) and begun discussions. This page is designed to keep you posted on strategic planning topics such as: 

  • Why we’re doing this
  • What we are doing
  • Presentations, reading and key events 

In the 2011 State of the School speech I asked this question: 

If we were starting over today, with more than 2,000 faculty and $1 billion in revenue, how would we organize to have maximum success with our four missions?  

That’s what this strategic planning process is about. And now is the time. Looking back, for more than a decade we’ve had double-digit growth in our clinical revenue. That has generated funding for our research and helped fill holes in the education mission. 

But the federal budget tells us that NIH and other federal funding is likely to be flat at best. Clinical revenue is under downward pressure. We’re perennially at or near the bottom nationally in terms of per-student state support and the state is unlikely to increase our funding significantly any time soon. 

Complacency, therefore, is not an option. 

What will come out of this strategic planning effort? Some people think I already know. I don’t! I can say that this will be: 

  • A broad-based conversation about our future
  • An effort to streamline how we administer our missions to free up money for people and programs
  • An attempt to find tough issues that need to be solved in collaboration with our hospital partners.

We are hoping to have conclusions soon. Then the rest of the work begins.

Richard D. Krugman, MD
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and
Dean, School of Medicine