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Vikhyat Bebarta, MD, talks with children during a deployment to Bagram, Afghanistan.



Spotlight on our Community


Neurologist Lead​s Veterans Program  

James P. Kelly, MD, will hea​d the Anschutz Medical Campus Marcus Institute for Brain Health to help veterans with traumatic brain injury and related psychological health issues.​


'The Risk Is Only Going to Grow'​

CU Professor Vikhyat Bebarta, MD, has treated hundreds of victims of chemical warfare and is on the cutting edge of an antidote to quickly treat victims in the field or hospital. 



Curing Hepatitis C

Greg Everson, MD, professor of medicine, made many pioneering contributions to the treatment and care of people with hepatitis C, a condition that was not even known when he was beginning his career 40 years ago.



Immunotherapy - A Love Story

A clinical trial offers hope to a patient suffering from a fast-growing, aggressive type of breast cancer.     



Remember Randy Ross​

Last December, , the Department of Psychiatry suffered a great loss when Randy Ross, MD, an accomplished and treasured member of the department, passed away.​​ill Landsbaugh Kaar, PhD, seeks to unravel the mysteries of a healthy lifestyle for children.