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“There is no one path to becoming an astronaut,” says CU alumnus Kjell Lindgren, MD.



Spotlight on our Community


Astronaut Kjell Lindgren Returns to CU

Fresh from a 141-day mission on the International Space Station, Kjell Lindgren, MD, returned to CU to talk with students and faculty.




Student Voice - L.A. Kahn

"The human spirit may exist beyond the material plane, but the mundane markers of daily wear are what we see and respond to.  



CU Radiologist Battles Breast Cancer

Rebecca Marsh, PhD, who spends her days counseling patients about radiation safety and mammograms, is battling an aggressive form of breast cancer. 



Judith Regensteiner Leads Women's Center

Judith Regensteiner, PhD, divides her roles into three areas at the CU School of Medicine: research, mentoring and teaching.



John Hill, DO, and His Many Endeavors

Three patents hang on the wall of the backyard treehouse/home office built by a CU faculty member. 



Alumnus Donates Priceless Book Collection

John Farrington, MD, '52, has donated five rare books, published between 1676 and 1896, from his private collection. 



Caley Orr on Studying Fossils

A School of Medicine assistant professor studied a cache of bones found deep within a cave in South Africa, where a new species - Homo naledi - was discovered.