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Emily Townsend-Cobb works with a volunteer in the physical therapy lab. Blind since she was a girl, Townsend Cobb chose the CU Physical Therapy program because "I don’t feel disabled in school.”



Spotlight on our Community

Chris Filley, MD, and the Magic of Music

A professor of neurology and psychiatry, Chris Filley has dedicated his lifetime to medicine and music, finding surprising links between these two passions. 

Emily Townsend-Cobb, a Blind Student at Home in PT

Second-year physical therapy student Emily Townsend Cobb says she doesn't feel singled out in the program. "A disability is what a society makes of an impairment. I don’t feel disabled in school."  

Igal Kam, MD, 25 Years of Transplant Surgery

Looking back at his career at UCH, Dr. Igal Kam says transplant surgery is "some kind of addiction. It’s hard to live with it and impossible to live without.”