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Since her diagnosis five years ago with Stage IV lung cancer, Ellen Smith has made the most of her time, traveling, marrying, learning and spending time with her family, including four new grandchildren.




The Human Side of Health Care

A Q&A with Matthew Wynia, MD, new director of the CU Center for Bioethics and Humanities.


ABC's 'Extreme Weight Loss' Comes to Anschutz

“Extreme Weight Loss,” a reality show where participants battle not just the scale but also the emotional conflicts that come with obesity, put the spotlight on the new Anschutz Health & Wellness Center.


CHARLAR Teaches Good Health

Community Heart Health Actions for Latinos at Risk is a 12-week education course that encourages better eating and exercise routines for older adult Latinos and their families  in northwest Denver.  


Understanding Childhood Strokes

A research grant from the American Stroke Foundation is helping patients like 8-year-old Trevor Ewert, whose stroke five years ago baffled his parents. 


Extra Help for Medical School Families

“We really try to emphasize that even if both people aren’t in medical school ... the whole family is actually in medical school because everyone is affected by it,” says Joel Roberts, co-president of All 'Bout Couples.


Virus Hunting in Saudi Arabia 

A respiratory outbreak was killing people in the Middle East, so CU's Connie Price, MD, head of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Denver Health, was called in to help.


Beating Lung Cancer at CU

“You hear ‘Stage IV’ and you say, ‘How many months or days do I have left?’” patient Ellen Smith says. “But between the Anschutz Medical Campus and the good Lord, I am still here.”    


First BA/BS-MD Grads Join Med School

The School of Medicine enrolled its first group of students from CU's special BA/BS-MD program.