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Gerald Dodd III, MD, at the CTRIC Imaging Center, where researchers are prying loose long-held scientific secrets.



Linking Alzheimer's and Down Syndrome

Is Alzheimer’s disease an acquired form of Down syndrome? Huntington Potter, PhD, is leading the charge to find out.

A New World for Children with Disabilities

Helping children with disabilities achieve independence is the work of CU's Assistive Technology Partners.

Building a Better Drug Test 

A new detailed drug test gets results that could be “a game-changer in the field.”

Inner Visions - A Glimpse of the Inner Workings

A new research center at the School of Medicine will help scientists and physicians gain understanding of conditions that stubbornly resist sharing their secrets.

Curing Zimbabwe's Health Care System

Zimbabwe health care students and School of Medicine faculty have been working together to update teaching methods and curriculum at University of Zimbabwe.  

Good Food That Tastes Good

Janine Higgins, PhD, has been a key partner in the effort to provide healthy, tasty and affordable food in the cafeteria of Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Medical students complete a community service learning project to help them understand how providers can influence the health of their communities outside a medical office.

The Personal Touch

A CU physician considers the kind of doctor her mother would have been if time had allowed.   

A Research Breakthrough and a Boy Named Max

Thanks to 10-year-old Max Watson, researchers have discovered a new disease called cobalimin X.

Take Me Out to the Medical School

First-year medical students were welcomed to campus with a new game during orientation week: CU School of Medicine Trading Cards.

Final Thoughts

Americans need to prepare for “driving retirement” the same way we prepare for other inevitable changes, like retirement from work, future health problems and death.