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Students document ACTS course progress here

Daily data entry

Through the end of the fall 2014 semester, we will continue to use the existing online data entry system linked to this page.  Beginning in January 2015, we will retire that system and replace it with E*Value.

For now, you need to use the online data entry form to record the clinical experiences you've had at your ACTS clinic.  Open the email from Dr Berg that contains a link to that form or  Click Here  to open that online data entry system.

      Weekly assessment

      Weekly, you need to meet with your ACTS preceptor to discuss your week together and document your attendance in ACTS.  Document that conversation by completing the ACTS Weekly Assessment and Log form.  There are always lots of copies of the form available outside Karen Tawara-Jones' office - or you can download and print a copy from here.  The completed form goes in the ACTS Box - every week!

      End of affiliation assessments

      At the end of each ACTS affiliation, you and your preceptor each fill out written assessments of your experience.  Your preceptor will give feedback on how you did, highlighting things you did well and noting areas you should focus on in your next affiliation.  You'll give your preceptor feedback on the clinic, your experiences, and his/her precepting style.
      You'll put your feedback for your preceptor into the ACTS Box.  You should give a blank preceptor feedback form to your preceptor, who will complete it and mail or fax it to us.  After Dr Berg has reviewed these forms, copies will be shared with you, your preceptor, and your CompCare faculty group leader.
      These forms are part of the packet of materials you receive before you begin each ACTS assignment.  Additional copies of these forms are always available outside Karen Tawara-Jones' office.  Or you can download and print them here.

      End of ACTS assessment

      At the end of ACTS, you'll be getting ready to graduate from dental school.  Late in the spring DS4 semester, you'll receive a purple-colored "Final Clearance" form from Dr Potter's office.  That form will have signature lines that will verify your official check-out process from the university.  You'll get signatures from places like the school's central supply department, the library, and the university's parking office.  There's also a signature line for the ACTS Program.
      You can get that ACTS signature from Dr Berg or Dr Karshmer, after you've finished treating patients in ACTS and after you've completed a brief ACTS exit interview.  The purpose of the interview is to get feedback on how ACTS went for you.  We'll be looking for a student's-eye view of your ACTS clinics.  The ACTS signature will end your status as an enrolled student and that's an important legal event.  When your status as an enrolled student ends, your unversity malpractice insurance also ends.  That's why we wait until you're finished treating patients.

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