A new way to Access Lynx Central!

As we welcome the Lynx community back to campus, we’re excited to share our newest improvement to the student experience, Reserve.

This time last year, we were getting ready to unveil the new Lynx Central, a digital space built to reach you wherever you were. Now that you’re back on campus, we wanted to make it even easier to visit Lynx Central in person.

Say hello to Reserve, a software that allows students to reserve their spot in line without physically standing in line.

No More Standing Around

"Nothin' I enjoy more than waiting!" – Nobody, ever.

Whether you’re at Little Man’s Ice Cream in a line that wraps around the block or just waiting for Kanye to drop DONDA, we can all agree, waiting sucks.

Let’s remove some of that inconvenience. With Reserve, you can check into Lynx Central virtually, then receive a notification when it’s your turn to meet with a representative. Rather than standing in the lobby of Student Commons, put yourself in line from anywhere.

Need to stop by the library? Grabbing a quick coffee in the Tivoli building? No problem. Reserve your spot virtually -- we'll text you when it's your turn.

Virtual Access Points, Real-time Updates

You can access Reserve by scanning the QR code, sending a text, or visiting the Reserve website in your browser.

There's several ways to reserve your spot.

Let's say you're already in Student Commons and have a question for the Lynx Central staff, but you notice several students standing in front of our big white desk. No worries. With Reserve, you can claim your spot in line without even approaching the desk (you can also use the tablets we're positioning around the lobby).

After you initiate Reserve, you'll receive text updates about your place in line and estimated wait time. We'll also ask a few questions to narrow down the topic you're needing help with. That way, when it's your turn, one of our team members will fully prepared to answer your questions.

Maybe you're busy moving into your new room at City Heights but need to find a time to get help with registration. Easy. Just text CU Denver to 720-419-3574 to reserve your spot. We'll reply with your estimated wait time so you can continue unpacking until it's time to head across the street.

Start Using Reserve Now

To access Reserve away from Lynx Central, choose an option below:

Lynx Central Reserve QR Code