Bringing our services to you, wherever you may be.

Back and Better Than Ever, Meet Lynx Central 

While you’ve been gone, we’ve been working. In a direct response to student feedback, we've dismantled the old service model in order to build a single point of contact for all of your needs. Gone are the days of waiting in lines across campus just to be redirected to another office or get transferred to another extension. Lynx Central is your new concierge-level service desk with in-person and virtual options to connect you to what you need, when you need it. 

One Hub for All Student Services

Did you know that the name Bursar comes from the Medieval-Latin term for purse? Yeah, we didn’t either. That’s why we’ve taken a more common language approach and updated our technology to bring you a service structure for this century. This was a complete renovation – we found the cracks and replaced the foundation with a new physical space, student portal, appointment scheduler, and oh yeah… a new website.

Built for Students, By Students

Rather than guessing what students want or trying to explain archaic processes, we hired student writers, designers, and thinkers to build a website that intuitively addresses your needs. All student services are now easily accessible on one central homepage with important dates and deadlines featured right at the top. An engaging, clear, and concise platform built to be mobile friendly, Lynx Central just put all of the offices across the university in your pocket.

A Safe, Physical Location

On top of the digital facilities we’ve implemented, we wanted to give everyone a physical space to ask questions and access services face-to-face (actually, more like mask-to-mask). With COVID-19 looming, we found another gear to accelerate the timeline of this project and make sure your fall semester starts strong, and safely. That’s why Lynx Central has implemented extensive protocols, including social distancing measures, Plexiglas, and a rigorous disinfecting schedule. If you’re tired of clicking and scrolling, or you just prefer to get help in-person, throw some SPF 100 on your sun-deprived skin and visit us in the lobby of Student Commons.

Best Part: It Didn’t Cost You a Thing

Seriously, none of this cost you a dime. You’re here to learn and study, but most importantly, you’re here to enhance your future, and you’re on the right track. Your investment at CU Denver is an investment in yourself, and we get it, college can be expensive. That’s why we used existing resources to re-imagine how we serve you and re-invest in your student experience. With Lynx Central, we’re here for you, wherever “here” may be.

By Ben Dewhurst ’19,  graduated from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences