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    • Graphic of person teaching math on chalkboard to different age groups

      Resolve What-Ifs With an Internship

      Nov 28, 2022
      Many of us spend college wondering whether or not the career path we've chosen is right for us. The solution? Take things for a little test drive—do an internship! Lauren Stewart, an Internship Advisor at the ELC, did it and found the experience to be invaluable.
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    • Graphic of non-traditional students in front of a globe and US flag

      It’s Never too Late to Learn

      Nov 21, 2022
      CU Denver senior Ali Al Nazzal came to the US as a refugee from Iraq. After some time in the US, he decided to go back to school. He reflects on his experience as an older student, and how becoming a PAL has opened doors for him.
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    • Illustration of CU Denver students holding signs in support of DACA students

      Here to Stay! CU Denver Doubles Down on DACA

      Nov 14, 2022
      "My goal is to make sure students know about the resources and services available to them, no matter their immigration status." - Estéfani Peña Figueroa, CU Denver’s first Undocumented Student Resource Coordinator
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    • GIF of planets orbiting around astronaut and comets flying around

      There are no Imposters Among Us

      Nov 7, 2022
      Imposter syndrome often makes people wonder if they belong or not. The Learning Hub is here to let you know that it's okay to feel this way. We are all learning and growing, and you are where you are meant to be.
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    • 3D graphic of storybook with pop-up of a campfire, mountains, the night sky, and colorful foliage

      Gather Around the Campfire—it's Interview Time!

      Oct 31, 2022
      Telling stories is human; we all connect with one another better when we share stories. In an interview, you can use this to your advantage. Set yourself up for success by reflecting on your experiences and connecting them to the position!
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    • GIF of Studio Ghibi characters with rainbows running across banner

      Anime Goes to College

      Oct 24, 2022
      What can Japanese anime teach us about student development? Emilie Waggoner gives us an inside look at the Anime Goes to College course that will be offered to first-year students and incoming transfer students in Spring 2023!
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    • Colorful graphic of person with flowing red hair laying head on knee, thinking about disappointment

      What Happens if you Disappoint Others?

      Oct 17, 2022
      Feeling like a disappointment can often lead us to act out in unproductive ways. In taking time to focus on ourselves, meeting our own wants and needs, and setting boundaries, we can work towards building healthy relationships as well.
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    • illustration of a person with flowing purple hair with a rain cloud over their head and rainbow clouds.

      For me, it's Test Anxiety

      Oct 7, 2022
      A little nervousness before a test can be good, but too often that anxiety can undermine our confidence and abilities. The Learning Hub knows a few things about test anxiety, and a few more things about how to tackle it.
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    • rainbow striped film strips surround a silhouette of Jake Johnson

      When Old Movies Turn into a Career

      Sep 30, 2022
      From watching old movies with their dad and grandpa to being able to pinpoint when film switched from a hobby to a passion, Jake Johnson is learning how to apply their film studies research and actually shape a career around it.
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    • Mixed Media image of Cu Denver SGA leader Juan Gonzalez and Morgan DeVito with a colorful rainbow and city skyline illustation

      Meet Your President and VP

      Sep 23, 2022
      This year is CU Denver’s 50th Anniversary, and it’s only the beginning. SGA President Juan Gonzalez and VP Morgan DeVito express their concerns and hopes for the future of the university.
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    • A colorful illustration of a CU Denver student standing in front of  a whiteboard with lots of names written in different colors

      Whiteboard Project Highlights Campus Diversity

      Sep 16, 2022
      As one CU Denver students begins to realize, "Through people’s handwriting and responses, you see the diversity of the campus’ community through various, unique answers."
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    • tie dye versions of a smiling woman in sunglasses

      The Paradoxical Pursuit of Happiness

      Sep 9, 2022
      Why the relentless search for happiness can, in fact, make us more unhappy. When the belief that happiness can and should be consistently sustained clashes with a reality in which it cannot, it creates a particular brand of suffering.
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    • Colorful graphic of a person with flowing hair and thoughts of travel

      Travel Isn't Always Pretty

      Aug 29, 2022
      "I spent the spring semester of my sophomore year studying abroad in Heredia, Costa Rica. To say that semester changed my life would be an understatement. Without sounding too dramatic, I became a completely different person."
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    • Colorful m,xed media photo of CU Denver student Elise Nguyen

      Entering my Romcom era

      Aug 19, 2022
      "Whenever things got tough, I always told myself that the sooner I got done with school, the sooner I could enter my romcom era. Obviously movies are not realistic models to follow, but I’m just saying the best romcoms are post-grad."
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    • microaggression

      How to Stop Microaggressions

      Aug 19, 2022
      "It is important to remember that these messages, though subtle in appearance, have a lasting negative impact on a person’s psychological and physical well-being; especially when someone is experiencing them regularly."
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    • Image of a person sleeping on a couch

      Living With Anxiety

      Aug 19, 2022
      "I share this very personal experience with you because...1 in 5 Americans struggle with mental health challenges. My challenge is anxiety; perhaps yours is depression, addiction, bipolar disorder, or other diagnosable mental illness."
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    • illustration of person climbing stairs with icons

      Navigating Imposter Syndrome

      Aug 17, 2022
      "It’s important to remember that the employer wouldn’t be interviewing you if they didn’t think you were qualified. We are all uniquely brilliant, talented, and skilled in different areas."
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    • A group of diverse medical professionals on a yellow background.

      Internship Advice for Applying Skills and Knowledge

      Aug 17, 2022
      "Definitely pursue an internship, it's a really invaluable experience! Be creative and think out of the box. At first, I thought I could only find a governmental public health department position but there's so many areas of public health. "
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    • Animation of man at desk with telescope, notebook, and stethoscope

      How to Navigate Research Opportunities

      Aug 17, 2022
      "It doesn't matter how many times you get rejected, there's always a bunch more programs that are happy to accept anyone. So always try to keep applying to any program you can."
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    • Earth from space with spotlight on Africa

      Using Research to Create a More Connected World

      Aug 17, 2022
      "My advice would be to just try to do something that you think you'll enjoy, or if you don't know exactly what you're going to do, find recommendations from things that maybe you enjoyed earlier in your childhood."
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