What's a Peer Advisor, You Ask?

Peer Advisors support the four offices within LynxConnect by being the first point of contact for any student interested in experiences that can be gained outside of the classroom. They are students who have been extensively trained by professional staff within each of our four offices - Career Services, Experiential Learning, Study Abroad, and Undergraduate Research - so they can best serve all students who walk in our front doors. 

Peer Advisors help students navigate processes and get in contact with the right resources for each of our four offices because, well.. it's a lot of information! 

How Do I Get in Contact With a Peer Advisor?

Peer Advisors are available to meet students for immediate feedback and assistance and can be reached Monday to Friday from 8am-5pm, both virtually and in-person. They can be scheduled with and are available for drop-ins.

Students can schedule with them by chatting with the LynxConnect Virtual Front Desk, calling the front desk, or dropping in to the LynxConnect Office.

Why Should I Meet with a Peer Advisor?

Meeting with Peer Advisors ensures that students can get efficient and dedicated help with any questions they may have. Peer Advisors can help students review resumes and cover letters, search for internships, start looking into study abroad programs, and learn about undergraduate research.

Peer Advisors can help students start the process of developing professional skills and begin working with students on deciding what new experience would benefit them as they navigate academia and the transition into the professional world.

Meet Your LynxConnect Peer Advisor's

I enjoy my role as a peer advisor because I get to learn about the amazing things my peers do outside the classroom! I enjoy being a resource for other students because I understand how intimidating it can be to navigate college!
My favorite part of being a Peer Advisor is witnessing a students' journey, from academia to their professional careers.
I love being a peer advisor because I get to spend time connecting one-on-one with so many amazing CU Denver students. I genuinely enjoy getting the opportunity to help students and answer their questions. 
As a Peer Advisor, I really enjoy working with a diverse population of students and being able to offer immediate support to students whenever they need help so that they don't feel alone throughout their career journey.

What's The Next Step?

It is never too early to meet with a Peer Advisor and start talking about new opportunities.

Life in college can be hard to navigate, and Peer Advisors are here to help students get started on making intentional decisions to enhance the CU Denver experience.