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  • Fun fact about me: I auditioned for the Power Rangers TV Show earlier this year and have gotten callback auditions for a role. I’m waiting to see if I made or not. 

  • Wushu! I’m the founder and president of a new CU Denver student organization—the Chinese Wushu Club. Wushu is a modern form of traditional Chinese martial arts. 

  • Student Orgs: My experience with Student Orgs and Student Life starting the Wushu Club has been amazing! They've helped me out in numerous ways, giving me so many tools and advice for how to successfully run a student organization. 

  • New hobby: With the pandemic and the quarantine, I've picked up PC gaming as a hobby. I wasn't an avid gamer before, but during quarantine I was able to build my own PC and start PC gaming. It's definitely one of the more fun things I've been able to do during quarantine.
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Breathless: I once hiked a fourteener without prior training... not the smartest idea! Needless to say, I learned my lesson.

Not your average bear: The cartoon character I identify with most is Ice Bear from “We Bare Bears”. He’s the quietest of the bears yet still contributes to their conversations and adventures in his own way. Kind of like me.

  • Student job —high impact: Working in the Office of Equity totally changed my college years and future goals. I always expected to be an art therapist. But, after learning about Title IX, equity, procedures, and cases, I discovered a new path and added Criminal Justice as a second major. Without my campus work experience, that never would have happened. Plus, I get to work with amazing individuals who offer diverse perspectives.
  • Goose phobia! When I was toddler, I was so afraid of geese that my older sister would have to run and scare them away whenever I saw them. I've mostly grown out of it, but I still get anxious walking by them. I think all the geese on campus have actually helped lessen my anxiety so I don't mind them as much.

  • Thing I’ll miss least when I graduate: Stepping on goose poop! 

  • Thing I’ll miss most: All the fun on campus. The days I found a roller-skating rink in front of the library or got to play with emotional support dogs before taking a final were a nice surprise.

  • Make friends: As I get set to graduate in December, I have lots of advice. Be selfish with your time and make school a priority. Use all the resources your tuition & fees include. And, most of all, be sure to make a new friend in every class. It’s nice to see a friendly face, and when you’re both equally confused you can be lost together.

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  • Keeping busy on campus: Writes for The Sentry student newspaper, RA at Lynx Crossing

  • Weirdest thing I ever ate: Cow tongue! Tasted like corned beef, had the most disgusting texture, but at least I can say I tried it.

  • Journalist: Writing for The Sentry newspaper is a great job! I get to explore parts of Denver for my articles that I’ve never been to before. Plus, I get to meet with the other talented writers and artists who work at the paper and exchange ideas and thoughts.

  • Lift off! If I wasn’t planning a film career, I’d be an astronaut. I love space with all my heart, but I hate math with the burning passion of a thousand fiery suns. I’ll just have to make movies about space!

  • Horrifying: I love my major because I’m passionate about stories and the impact they have on people. Currently, I’m writing a novel and a horror movie script.
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