Vision Team:

Lead in Student Success

How do we create a holistic student experience that meets our students’ needs and stands out among our peers? 

How do I share ideas and input on this topic? 

Share your thoughts with the Lead in Student Success vision team through the form and survey below.

Virtual sessions were held on February 15, 16, and 17.

Who is on this vision team?  


Barbara Seidl, School of Education & Human Development
Jaimie Carrington, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Daniel Casillas
    Student Government Association
  • Gabriel Castano
    Strategic Enrollment Management
  • Anthony Fontana
    Lynx Central
  • Crystal Gassell
    Office of Information Technology
  • Kelly Hupfeld
    School of Public Affairs
  • Lisa Johanson
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Alana Jones
    Student Success
  • Natalie Keller
    College of Engineering, Design and Computing
  • Erika Larson
    Student Success
  • Emily Moroney
    Transfer Initiatives
  • Kelli Rapplean
    College of Arts & Media
  • James Speed
    Center for Identity and Inclusion
  • David Tracer
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Sonia Valencia
    TRIO Student Support Services and McNair
  • LoryAnn Varela
    Learning Resource Center
  • Margaret Wood
    Academic Achievement

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