Vision Team:

Educate for the Future

How do we create a defining approach to academics and education that elevates our students and fuels our economy? 

How do I share ideas and input on this topic? 

Share your thoughts with the Educate for the Future vision team through the online feedback form.

Who is on this vision team?  


Michael "Bodhi" Rogers, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Rebecca Kantor, School of Education & Human Development

  • Rich Allen
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Jorge Chavez
    School of Education & Human Development
  • Catherine Ebert-Gray
    Office of International Affairs
  • Matthew Gines
    College of Architecture and Planning
  • Mark Golkowski
    College of Engineering, Design and Computing
  • Dawn Gregg
    Business School
  • Lindsey Hamilton
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Nicole Harper
    School of Public Affairs
  • Nimol Hen
    Academic Advising
  • Marlinda Hines
    School of Education & Human Development
  • Cinthya Ippoliti
    Auraria Library
  • Lexie King
    Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • Sean McGowan
    College of Arts & Media
  • Sean Michael Morris
    School of Education & Human Development
  • Antoinette Sandoval
    School of Public Affairs
  • Inge Wefes
    Graduate School

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