Strategies for Maximizing Health and Safety on Campus

Minimizing Transmission

We are taking the following actions to reduce the risk of our students, faculty, and staff contracting the coronavirus: 

  • Developing a prudent, phased ramp up of in-person learning, research and creative activities, and work that will allow physical distancing throughout the entire campus.
  • Creating plans and safety protocols with our Auraria campus partner institutions: the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC), Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the Community College of Denver.
  • Providing online safety and prevention training for everyone invited to enter campus buildings
  • Engaging everyone in the use of individual safety protocols, including wearing masks and face coverings, abiding by physical distancing guidelines, and the very simple but extremely effective practice of frequently washing hands and covering one’s mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.
  • Ensuring frequent cleaning and disinfecting of common areas and frequently-touched surfaces and objects within buildings and increasing the availability of hand sanitizers on campus.
  • Preparing for a quick transition to all-remote teaching, learning, and working, in the event that Denver sees an increase in COVID-19 cases during the fall.

Detection and Support

To reduce the risk that the virus will spread undetected among students, faculty, and staff, and to allow us to provide appropriate assistance to those who have tested positive, we are setting up systems for: 

  • Daily health assessment of those coming to campus.
  • Utilizing the Auraria Health Center to provide testing.
  • Working with Denver Public Health on contact tracing to alert those who have been exposed to the virus so they can request a test, remain watchful for symptoms, and self-quarantine if necessary.
  • Supporting self-isolation by those who have contracted the coronavirus and self-quarantine by the close campus contact of those testing positive.
  • Developing arrangements that allow those with a higher risk of developing a serious illness from the virus to learn, teach, or work remotely.

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