Safe Return Plan and Process

Core Actions Guiding our Fall 2020 Safe Return Plan

The Fall 2020 Safe Return Plan is guided by the following core actions:

  • Adopt and implement a comprehensive suite of health and safety protocols for the campus, in coordination with our Auraria institution partners and consistent with CDC and CDPHE guidelines on preventing the transmission of COVID-19
  • Plan for the phased return of limited research and creative activities to campus over the summer, using a researcher application and school/college/campus review process to begin to return research that can only be done on campus, with oversight to make sure that safety requirements are met
  • Use the phased return of research and creative activities to evaluate and improve the implementation of health and safety protocols prior to the return of students for fall semester
  • Adhere to public health guidelines regarding physical distancing by prioritizing certain classes for in-person instruction, including:
    • Experiential, hands-on content that cannot be effectively delivered online, such as labs, studios, and performance classes
    • Classes designed expressly for first-year students
  • Expand the ways in which courses can be delivered using combinations of on-campus, online, remote and hybrid instruction, and plan for the continued use of these new flexible formats in the future
  • Plan for the reopening of campus housing and dining options that allow for appropriate physical distancing
  • Plan for the phased reopening of the Rob and Lola Salazar Student Wellness Center and the Auraria Library based on public health guidelines

How the Fall 2020 Safe Return Plan Came to Be

April 27: Chancellor Horrell convened a Safe Return Initial Planning Team, chaired by School of Public Affairs Dean Paul Teske, to make recommendations on when and how to return to campus. The team included nearly 90 CU Denver faculty, staff, administrators, and students.

May 13: The Safe Return Initial Planning Team issued its report to CU Denver leadership. Read the Safe Return Planning Team Summary of Recommendations.

May 27: The Safe Return Team was convened and charged with implementing the planning team’s recommendations. It is working closely with executive leadership, schools and colleges, support staff, and our partners on the Auraria campus to drive implementation.

June 4: The Safe Return Team created the Fall 2020 Safe Return Plan and shared its initial components with the campus community.

Safe Return Team Subgroups

Four subgroups of the Safe Return Team are leading different aspects of the Fall 2020 Safe Return Plan implementation:

Safety Team

The team is working to make sure the reopening of campus is consistent with public health guidelines and best practices designed to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19. The Safety Team approves safety and health protocols and procedures, oversees their implementation, and consults with units and individuals on making their spaces compliant.

Research and Creative Activities Return Team

The Research and Creative Activities (RCA) Return Team oversees the process of gradually phasing limited research and creative activities back on campus over the course of the summer. Researchers and facility directors whose research must be done on campus are using a researcher application and school/college review process to pace re-openings and guide safety compliance, working closely with campus facilities and safety experts.

Teaching and Learning Return Team

The Teaching and Learning Return Team is implementing CU Denver’s move to a highly flexible portfolio of class formats for fall 2020 that provide students with a wide range of choices and that allow for flexible adjustment as public health circumstances change. This team is working closely with schools and colleges to help faculty determine what formats are best for their classes and connect with appropriate training for each format.

Student Success Return Team

This team is focusing on preparing campus resources and services for student return, and also helping students prepare for and navigate the changes planned for fall 2020. The team is working to ensure that resources such as advising, counseling, and career services are fully available for students who cannot or do not wish to be on campus. A survey of student needs, conducted in June, will be used to plan for student services improvements.

Safe Return Plan Milestones

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Safe Return Plan and Process


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