Health and Safety Measures

Our highest priority for the coming year is the safety and health of our students, faculty, and staff, and, by extension, their families and others they interact with when not on campus. This translates into learning experiences for students—and teaching, research, and work for faculty and staff—that are safe, rewarding, and productive, despite extremely challenging circumstances.

To carry out our health and safety strategies, we are closely monitoring the evolving guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), and Denver Public Health. We are treating their recommendations and requirements as minimum standards when updating our plans.

Our health and safety requirements may change, depending on the rate of COVID-19 transmission. We will continue to consult with public health experts. Please check this website frequently for current health and safety requirements.

Campus Safety Protocols Beginning June 15

[Note that these current protocols may change depending on public health guidance.]

  1. All individuals seeking to return to campus are required to take the one-time Skillsoft training “CU: COVID-19 Return to Campus - CU Denver | Anschutz” before returning to campus and should take a screenshot of the certificate of completion on their mobile device to show at a health screening station.
  2. Daily on-site check-in at a health screening station will be required for all individuals returning to campus. Currently, there are two health screening stations on campus: the North Classroom building and Lynx Crossing residence hall. The North Classroom location is open from 8 a.m. – noon, Monday – Friday. The Lynx Crossing location is open from 7 – 11 a.m., Monday – Friday. Health screening station locations are marked on this campus map. Additional health screening stations will be added as more people return to campus.
    The screening will consist of:
    • daily health attestation that involves answering three questions on recent symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19. The questions may be answered before coming to campus (online at or via an app accessible by a QR code) or on a hard copy survey at the health screening station.
    • A temperature check
  3. Those who pass the health check will be issued a color-coded wrist band allowing them to be on campus for that day.
  4. All students, staff, and faculty are required to wear their CU Denver ID badge when on campus.
  5. Building entrances will remain locked and accessible only by ID badge reader. Make sure your ID badge is activated and that you have permissions for the buildings you need to access. For questions about your access permissions, contact  NOTE: North Classroom will be open (no ID badge needed) from 8 a.m. – noon to allow access to the health screening station. 
  6. Face coverings must be worn by all individuals on campus, both indoors and outdoors. You should use your own face covering but the university will supply single-use face coverings at a health screening station to those who forget to bring their own.
  7. Frequent hand-washing with soap throughout the day is encouraged.
  8. The campus has instituted a “stay to the right” protocol for moving around campus and in buildings.
    • Stay to the right on paths and walkways when moving around campus and between buildings
    • Stay to the right in the direction of travel in hallways when moving through buildings
    • Stay to the right when ascending or descending a stairwell
  9. The university recommends using stairs if you are able.  Elevators will be prioritized for ADA use and maximum elevator occupancy is two persons per elevator unless posted otherwise.
  10. Individuals should follow safe-distancing guidelines, always allowing at least 6 feet of space between themselves and others, front and back, both inside and outside of buildings.
  11. Follow signs that indicate:
    • Any dedicated building entrances and exits
    • Floor prompts for queueing in any location where lines may form
    • General protocol messages regarding hand-washing, the use of protective equipment, and social distancing in commons areas, near entrances, restrooms, and other high traffic areas

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