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CU Denver is still encouraging faculty and staff who can work from home to continue to do so until return plans are finalized. Through the remainder of summer and into fall, some staff and faculty will need to be on campus to provide in-person services to students, engage in in-person instruction, conduct research or creative activities that require on-campus space or equipment, and to serve other needs that may require on-campus presence.

We know some people have concerns about returning to campus this fall, while others are eager to return to work in a professional environment. Some employees are at high risk for contracting or exposing others to severe illness from COVID-19. Others may face logistical challenges to returning to work, such as the need for childcare and public transportation. Flexibility will be important.

Our Fall 2020 Safe Return Plan includes a process to determine those services and activities that are best delivered on campus, and how to stagger the return of staff and faculty. As part of that process, academic and central support units have been making decisions about how best to conduct their work in the fall.

Your unit may have people continue to work from home, may institute a reduced or staggered on-campus schedule, or may take other approaches to limit the number of people in the space at any time. Consult with your supervisor on the best approach for you in light of your needs and the needs of the unit. Employees who are required to deliver essential services in-person yet have health considerations preventing them from returning to campus may contact their supervisor to discuss the situation or they may contact Human Resources for a confidential conversation.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, are experiencing symptoms, or have been recently exposed to someone with COVID-19, please stay home. Find more information on the university’s COVID-19 website.

For Anyone Returning to Campus—the Basics

Approved Access to Campus

You may not return to campus unless your return has been formally approved as part of a unit plan, a Research and Creative Activities (RCA) Application, or you have been authorized to return by your supervisor and placed on a building access list.

Follow all Campus Safety Protocols

Once approved to return to campus, you must follow all campus safety protocols, including viewing an online training before your return and checking in daily at a health screening station.

For Research and Creative Activities Returning to Campus

Limited research and creative activities will return to campus this summer using a phased approach that ensures safety. If you require access to space or equipment on campus to conduct your research or creative activities, follow these steps in advance.

  • Talk to your School/College RCA Return Coordinator
  • Complete an online RCA application form
  • Be available to respond to questions from your School/College RCA Return Committee
  • Complete a more detailed safety plan if invited by your School/College RCA Return Committee
  • If approved, meet with your facilities personnel and your School/College RCA Return Coordinator prior to returning to go over necessary space improvements, daily screening and building access procedures.
  • Follow all current safety protocols

For Faculty—Resources for Teaching Your Fall Classes

To meet physical distancing and other safety requirements, courses will be delivered in a variety of formats. Your school/college has determined prioritization for in-person instruction using guidelines set forth in the Reopening Guide for Schools and College. The rooming and format for each course will be finalized by July 7.

Visit the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning to take advantage of their extensive learning opportunities for all kinds of instruction and class formats.

For Staff—Determining Who Returns to Campus

The university is now preparing for the limited return of students and staff in the fall following guidance in the Unit Return Guide, sent to all unit heads and supervisors on July 2. This guide is intended to support CU Denver’s staff in planning for fall, whether you are part of a school or college, a student support unit, an administrative unit, or an auxiliary operation. Because every unit has different missions and services, each unit will need to develop its own plan to take into account the needs of the constituents it serves for on-campus services, the capacity of its space/s to safely deliver those services, and the health and logistical needs of its staff. This is likely to require a number of conversations among unit leaders, supervisors, teams, and individual employees. 

Questions about safe return to campus plans at CU Denver?

Safe Return Plan and Process


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