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Budgeting for Clinical Trials

The CU Anschutz Clinical Research Training & Education Program offers several courses on budgeting for clinical trials conducted at the University. The online course is available year-round, and in-person instructor-led trainings occur several times per year. Below is a course listing.

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Budget Courses​

An Introduction to Budget Development for Clinical Trials (Budget1) (Onli​n​​e Only) 
This training will introduce the learner to the process of developing a budget for a clinical trial. It will cover the basic items to include in the budget, the resources available ​​to assist with each step, and provide an overview of the related regulations and institutional requirements 
​​​MCA and Billing Plans (Budget2) The Medicare Coverage Analysis (MCA) is the national standard that indicates what can be billed to insurance within the context of a clinical trial. The MCA is necessary for compliance with Medicare and private payers and is also used to drive budget development and negotiations. This class will review the applicable regulations and how to complete an MCA
​Planning and Budgeting for Industry-Initiated Trials: An Overview (Budget3) ​This class provides an overview of the steps and building blocks involved in developing an internal draft budget for clinical trials that are initiated by an industry sponsor. Participants will learn how to identify the costs that need to be considered when developing these budgets, and will be introduced to the process involved in obtaining pricing information, and how the billing plan is used in the process
​​Negotiating the Industry Sponsored Clinical Trial Budget (Budget4) This course offers beginner to intermediate information regarding how to 1) build a budget that allows flexibility for negotiation, and 2) respond to common sponsor objections during budget negotiation​